My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


19. Discovered

i wrapped my arms around my waist, walking quickly down the sidewalk as i try not to think. Soon enough i reached the double doors of the gym, slinging one open and marching through it. Ariel greeted me with a smile though it quickly turned into a frown.
“What happened?” She asked, reaching towards my face. I smacked her hand away and stormed past her towards the arena. She follows me, sliding her hands through the pads as i wrap my fists and shove them into gloves. I prepared myself for my training, snapping my arm out in front of my face, using pure anger and confusion for strength. It made a satisfying smack into the leather. I prepared myself again rearing back to hit when the pad came around and smacked me in the side of the head.
“Pay attention to what you are doing. Using just anger isn’t going to help your case.” She said, tapping the pads together and motion for me to try again. I nodded once, to angry to talk. Another loud smack was heard as the leather connected again, relieving stress bit by bit. I readied myself again, grunting as i leaned way back, avoiding the blow to the head only to earn a punch in the stomach.
“Just because you dodge one hit doesn’t mean open yourself up for another.” She said, her green eyes narrowing at me. It was on. I clenched my jaw and blocked my face as another oncoming blow was headed my way.
I managed to land a right hook into the pad, making her stumble back a bit before charging at me again. I neatly dodged all of the hits, even connecting my own though i knew she was taking it easy. A loud thump was heard from behind me, sounding much like a closing door. Curiosity got the best of me and i turned to find a rather wet Harry Styles walking towards us.
Arms wrapped around my waist, pushing me to the floor of the arena, making me twist to keep from falling flat on my face. Ariel’s long legs pinned my arms by my sides as she straddled my waist and held me to the floor.
“Don’t. Ever. Take. Your. Eye’s. Off. Of. Your. Opponent.” She said, smacking me in the head with a pad with each word. I glared up at her and ignored a manly chuckle from beside the ring. She stood up, sliding a pad off to lend me a helping hand. I huffed, pushing hair out of my face with my gloves as she prepared to take my hits. I brought my hands up to my face, kinda leaning over them a little to protect my tummy.
I ignored the presence at the corner of the ring, blowing out a heavy breath as i landed a hard blow into the pad, making her take a step back. The more i thought about Harry following me here, the angrier i got. I let my anger be the power behind my hits, each blow making her take another involuntary step back. Soon i had her pinned in a corner, landing punch ofter hard punch into the pads. She managed to push me back, recovering fast enough to catch another well thrown punch.
Sweat poured down our faces, stinging my eyes as Ariel came at me. My brown eyes connected with Harry’s green ones, infuriating me as he smirked at me. I grabbed the back of Ariel’s head, tugging her upper body down a little as i brought my knee up. She held the pads out, quickly catching on as i used all my force to repeatedly knee the pads where her face would have been. She pushed me off of her, sending me a quick grin before leaping at me. I dodged it, taking her by surprise as i reverse the positions from earlier. I landed on her with my knees on either side of her body, quickly striking the pads that blocked her face.
My breath came in short pants as i sat back on her stomach, my arms throbbing. The pads dropped from her face as she tried to control her breathing. I rolled off of her, sitting beside her on the mat beneath us. She stood up, offering me another hand.
“That’s what i want to see from now on.” She said, smiling at me as she tugged me up. I nodded, sending her small smile.
“Well, done Nichole. I didn’t know you was taking boxing lessons.” Harry said, slowly clapping his hands together loudly. I glare at him from around Ariel. She turned, her eyes locking on Harry’s.
“Ya know, if you wanted to learn how to box, i could have taught you.” Harry said, sliding through the thick ropes of the ring, slowly walking towards us. He was dressed in silky black shorts that stopped just at his knee and a white shirt along with a pair of black nikes. He flipped his curls out of his eyes, the green orbs staring me down.
“Yeah, well, I didn’t think that was a good idea, beings we both have short tempers and an easily angered mouths.” I said bluntly, tightening my gloves. This should end interestingly.

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