My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


21. Challenges

“Glad to see you didn’t chicken out.” Harry said, taunting me from the middle of the ring. I felt a wave of bravery as i raised my hand, flipping him my middle finger. He clutched at his heart, making a face at me.
“Aw, now that one hurt.” He said, grinning at me. I rolled my eyes, feeling a bit shaky as i entered the ring.
“Both of you, wrap your hands before putting the gloves on.” Ariel demanded. I nodded once, to afraid my voice would crack to say anything. Once our gloves were put on we turned to Ariel, waiting for instructions.
“Okay, now. No hard hits, we are only practicing. Go.” she said, giving us the green light to beat the pulp out of one another.
Harry mocked my stance, moving his feet back and forth has we danced in a slow circle. He lashed out first but i dodged it, taking the opportunity to punch him in the rib area that he had opened up. He winced, smirking at me as he began to circle me again. He winked at me and i rolled my eyes.
He came at me, faking a hit to my stomach but knocked me a good one to the face. I stumbled back a little, my left cheek throbbing. I glared at him, blocking my face. He smirked at me.
“Oops.” Harry said, pretending to be worried as he covered his open mouth with a glove. I growled, lunging at him. My gloved fist connected with his jaw, making a sharp smacking sound as his head snapped sideways from the impact of my punch. He took a few weary steps to the side, clutching his jaw. He eyed me, his green eyes turning cold as he glared.
“Oops.” I said breathily, sarcasm thickly lacing my tone. His eyes narrowed and i prepared for the real fight.
“Oh, i got you, sweetheart. You just don’t even know it yet.” He said cockily, pointing at me with a gloved fist.
“I’m waiting.” I teased, staring right back at him. He lunged, wrapping his arms around my waist as he spun me, my back face his front and his back was to Ariel.
“Mm, i remember last time we were in this position.” He whispered hotly in my ear, his glove groping at my chest.
I grunted in disgust, bringing my foot up and stomped down, the heel of my foot landing on his toes. I felt him jerk behind me, not liking the action. His arms loosened a little, giving me enough room to bring a hard elbow around into his ribs. I grabbed his opposite hand, twisting it behind him and pushed on his elbow, forcing him to his knees as he grunted in pain.
I pushed harder, forcing him to lay flat on the mat. I pressed my knee into his back, pulling his arm back towards me. He made a short pain filled sound, his breaths heavy and short. I leaned forward, my lips finding his ear.
“Give it up,Styles.” I whispered, grinning as Ariel chuckled at me. To my surprised he laughed, a short half way forced sound.
“Oh, how i do love it when you call me that.” He said cheekily. I shook my head in disbelief. How can he be such a flirt, even when he’s in pain.
“Just say you give up so we can move on.” I say, pulling sharply on his arm.
“Ahh! Okay, i give, i give!” He said quickly, muttering cuss words under his breath.
I turned to Ariel and she nodded at me, motioning for me to let him up. I smacked him in the back of the head before letting his arm go, pushing off of him to stand beside Ariel. He laid on the floor for a second before slowly coming to his feet, his breaths heavy and loud as he panted.
“Where. Did you learn. That from?” He said in between pants. I shrugged at him.
“Well, i think she done fabulous.” Ariel said, applauding me. I grinned at her.
“Okay, back to work. Here’s what i want you to do next.” She said, before launching into the details of our next mission, all the while i could feel green eyes staring at my face.    
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