My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


34. Bonded

After that three months passed by, Liam taking me to every doctors appointment, the doctors telling us the baby was happy and heathy. They congratulated Liam on being the maker of the pregnancy but after getting weird looks from doctors when we was done explaining he wasn’t the father, we just went along with it. He might as well be.
We also managed to get all of my stuff from my mothers house, packing it into the room i have at Harry’s. Speaking of Harry, we have made it now where. He continues to go out and party while i stay at home watching films and hanging out with the guys. I just began to accept the fact that Harry wanted nothing to do with the baby, or me, for that matter.
Zayn was now dating a girl named Sarah, the one i had met at Starbucks that works with Ashley. Ashley and Niall are in their love bucket, honeymoon stage in the relationship, thinking that the other does no wrong. Just wait until the tries to steal food of Niall’s plate.
Louis brought one girl home and they have been together for a while now. They were really cute together and got along really good. Well, that is, after she kicked his ass from one side of the mall to the other. I’m STILL confused on what started the fight and how they managed to get together in the process.
Her name was Chasity, her long dark curls falling around her waist, much like mine. Her blue eyes were bright and friendly and she was a bubbly person, quickly becoming one of my best friends. We got along really well. Liam, of course, kept his word, sticking by my side and was there when i needed him. Even if it was to hold my long hair back away from my face as i emptied my stomach into the loo. So, minus Harry, we was one big, happy family.
School eventually started back in late August, the fall settling in. Leaves changed colors and the coldness snuck up on us and it was snowing before you knew it. I love winter, you get to wear cute knitted dress and shirts and scarves and all that cute, warm stuff. Liam took me shopping for the cold months ahead, buying plenty of warm clothes.
Another thing we began to stock up on was baby supplies. Liam managed to get the cutest crib, him and the other three sociable boys sitting on my bedroom floor for hours trying to figure out the proper way to set it up. It was possibly one of the funniest moments in my life. Fer and the rest of the girls began to pick out baby clothes, not settling on a specific gender color, mostly yellows, greens, blues, red, etc. I quickly fell in love with the relationship we all had formed. I never thought an accident like this would have brought so many people together.
I plopped down on the couch, clicking on the television as i rubbed my belly, flipping through the channels. I felt the couch dip down beside me but i didn’t bother to see who it was,figuring it would be Liam, like it usually is. If it wasn’t Liam, it was Niall. We have made a very strong bond, Niall and i. He was there for me when Liam was at work or was out of the house getting food.
“Nichole, can we talk?” The voice beside me made me freeze, my hand still pressing the down button on the remote. What did he want from me now.
“Yes, Harry?” I asked, clearing my throat as i forced myself to look at him. It’s been weeks since we last talked.    
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