My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


44. Baby Names :)

    What felt like hours later, Niall yawned and decided it was his bed time. We said out good nights and once again me and Harry were left alone together. I felt warm and happy as i laid there rubbing my tummy, gently humming. I sighed looking over at Harry to find him staring at me.

    “What?” I asked after a minute, smiling shyly. He smiled back shaking his head gently.

    “You’re glowing. It’s beautiful. It looks good on you.” He said, laying down beside me, laying on his side facing me as he spoke, propping his head on his hand. I grinned.

    “Ya know, you sing very very well.” I said, still envying his talent. I spotted his cheeks turning pink, finding it very adorable.

    “Thanks. I’ve been singing for quite some time now. When I met the boys, it was a lovely surprise to find that they all had the same kind of talent, the same passion for music like I do.” He said, his eyes brightening.

    “You’re good enough to be a band. I bet ya’ll would have tons of fans and sell thousands of albums.” I said, being completely honest.

    “That’s kind of the idea, actually. We just have to write a few songs and find somebody who would actually listen to us.” He admitted to me, making me grin.

    “Harry Styles, famous singer/song writer. I can see it happening for you.” I said, smiling as he placed a hand on my tummy, his thumb slowly rubbing it.

    “I could too, at one time. But, I don’t want it to get in the way of my responsibilities. If it all did work out the way we planned on it to, I would be gone way to much. I wouldn’t be around to help with the baby. I would be neglecting my baby.” He said, his eyes roaming from my eyes before landing on my tummy.     My heart skipped a beat at his words, pure joy running through my body. It was the baby. It wasn’t my baby. It was his baby as well. He finally said it. His baby. I grinned at his words.

    “I’m sure your mom and Gemma would be more than happy to help me. Not to mention I have friends that have babies.” I said, thinking of Fer. She’s the only friend that I have that has a child, but I’m sure the others would be more then willing to help out. His green eyes met mine and he shot me a small smile.

    “I still wouldn’t feel right about leaving you alone. I would feel like a bad parent.” He admitted, the corner of his lips tugging down into a frown.

    “Harry, if you have had these plans for a while, go with it. You definitely have the talent for it. I thin it will be successful. I believe in you.” I said, smiling at him gently. He smiled back.

    “Really?” he asked, obviously enjoying my encouragement.

    “Really, really.” I said, running my fingers through his already messy curls. He leaned down and gently kissed my tummy before crawling away from me, turning out the light. The covers was tugged up over us and his arm wrapped securely around my belly, pulling me close. 

    “Thanks for the pep talk. I really needed it. Goodnight, Nichole. Sweet dreams.” He whispered, kissing the back of my head. I mummered a good night, already half asleep. I was sleepier than i thought i was. Soon enough, my excitement wore off and i was out.


    “Wakey, wakey sleeping beauty.” A voice said, breaking through the sleepy state of my mind. I groaned, rolling over and pulling the covers over my head. A chuckle was heard and something started tugging at the blanket over my head.

    “Time to get up, Nichole. Breakfast is made and we have a long day ahead of us.” Harry said gently, snagging the covers from me. I huffed, glaring up at him.

    “I don’t wanna.” I mummer, making him laugh. His kissed my forehead, grabbing my hand.

    “Yes, you do. You just don’t know it yet. I made breakfast and I’ve also made plans for us. Let’s go, up, up, up!” He said excitedly, lightly tugging at my hand. 

    I sat up and rubbed my eyes before putting my messy hair into a pony tail. Harry held my hand as he pulled me from bed and out the door. He was still half naked, his curls everywhere, making me giggle. He looked back at me with an amused expression but didn’t say anything, just lead me through the house. The smell of cinnamon drifted to my nose, making my mouth water and my tummy growl.

    Soon enough we were at the table, eating cinnamon rolls and drinking milk. Harry was oddly quiet, watching me as i ate. This is getting a little awkward.

    “Harry, what’s up? Why are you watching me?” I asked as i stopped stuffing my face, looking at him.

    “We have another doctors appointment today.” Harry said, smiling as his face lit up.

    “What? No we don’t, that was yesterday.” I said, thinking he was confused. He shook his head, his curls bouncing.

    “The doctor called m early this morning. He thinks he missed something and he wants us to come back in today. Our appointment is in two hours.” He said, taking another bite of his roll. He looked happy and excited but worries flooded my mind.

    Was everything okay? Was my baby still heathy? Is he sick? Does he have some sort of disease? I lost my appetite, sliding my plate away and taking one last sip out of my glass.

    “I’m going to go take a shower and get ready.” I mutter, lost in thought. I hope nothing is wrong with my baby. I don’t know how I would take that. 

    Is it because of my drinking in the early months of pregnancy? Have I ruined my babies life? Have I messed my child’s chance up for being healthy and living a normal life because of one stupid night?

    The shower was quick and so was the choosing of my clothing for the day. I silently got dressed and blow dried my hair before putting it into a bun. I slid my sweat shirt over my head and down my tummy, tugging my pants up. My socks were placed on my feet before my boots were put on, walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

    “I’m ready.” I say, walking to the kitchen. Harry has gotten dressed while I was in the shower. He looked fabulous, like always.  He took in my appearance and smiled.

    “Going casual today?” He asked, leading me to the door. I nodded my head and got in the car, my mind returning to my earlier worries.


    “So, what’s up doc?” I asked urgently has he walked through the door, not giving him time for a greeting. I want to get through the fat and get to the bone. He sensed my uneasiness and smiled kindly at me.

    “Don’t worry, Ms. Mercer. It’s not a bad thing. I just think I missed something yesterday. A good something. I looked over the report I did yesterday on it and over the sonograms when I spotted something. Something I had missed. I was so focused on the one baby, I had missed the other.” He explained,  wiping the gel over my tummy as he talked, a picture showing on the screen just has it did yesterday.

    “The other one?” I asked, looking over at Harry. Instead of looking worried, he looked excited. 

    “Yes, the other one. I believe you are having twins. One boy one girl. See, the girl is in front today. Do you see this right here? That’s the boys arm.” The doctor explained, pointing to different spots on the screen.

    “But, how can that be? Only one moved last night, only one kicked.” I said trying to make sense of what he was telling me.

    “I believe that both moved and kicked, just in spaced out times for you to believe that only one had moved, instead of two.” The doc explained, wiping off my tummy. 

    “I’m having two babies at one time. Twins.” I muttered to myself. What? Was one not enough? I don’t even know how to take care of one, much less two! 

    Sooner than i thought we were out of the doctors office and on the road. We passed our turned, making me look at Harry. He just shook his head at me lightly, smiling as he took my hand.

    “We are going out to eat. I think you will like this.” He said, giving my hand a light squeeze.

    He grinned out of no where, laughing like a child. I giggled at him, shaking my head. What’s so funny? I watched his face, seeing him smile while he eyes shined brightly.

    “I can’t believe it. We are having twins. We are going to have twins.” Harry said, glancing at me. I grinned. He said “we”. WE are having two babies. Two unnamed babies. I frowned at the thought, Harry’s voice bringing me back out of thought.

    “What’s wrong? Aren’t you excited?” He asked, his face dropping a little. I grinned at him.

    “I’m thrilled! I was just thinking about the names. I haven’t even got one name in mind, much less two.” I say, frowning again as he pulled his hand out of mine to turn into a parking lot.

    “Lucky for you, I have been thinking about names. Dylan Nathaniel and Darcy Elizabeth Styles, of course.” Harry said, easily saying the names. I grinned.

    “You, my dear, are wonderful. I’m glad you were thinking about it.” I say, grinning. I’m glad he wants them to have his last name. With him by my side, I know I can do this. I won’t have to do it alone.

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