The Beast Within

In a world where magic is outlawed and virtually extinct, Princess Fiamatta suddenly finds her world turned inside out by the traitorous word. From royalty, to fugitive, to leader of the rebels, Fia is forced to work with a handsome, arrogant magician she found locked away in a dungeon.

btw, this is my NaNoWriMo story so criticism is much appreciated! Thanks :)


7. Act 6

After Ida had returned me to my room, I attempted to sleep. For hours I tossed and turned until a few morning rays peered in through my window, illuminating my room. As if on cue, I awoke feeling restless. I had dreamed about Straiyer, my father, and the door. I could not rid myself of the uneasiness I felt. Instead, with every passing moment it only intensified until I felt compelled to find out the truth. Instead of going to breakfast, I headed towards my father’s chambers. A nurse was about to enter with his breakfast, but I informed her that I wanted to handle that duty today. Without a word she handed me the trey of eggs, bacon, bread, and fruit, then left to work on her other tasks. I walked in and closed the door behind me. The doctor had said he was making progress, but I could not really tell. The only indicator that he was even aware that I was in the room, were his eyes. They watched me as I walked over to his bed and set the food beside him. I smiled at him, staying silent until the knot in my throat lessened some.

            “How are you today?” I asked quietly, “The doctor says you’re doing better, which is good. Although they still can’t find out what’s wrong, they are going to keep searching.” I slowly begin to feed him his breakfast. I feel overly aware of his stare fixated only on me. It was almost as if he knew what I really wanted to ask. He was simply waiting for me to finish this small talk. “Straiyer is running an investigation, so far he has not given me any details on its progress.” I take a deep breath, preparing myself for my next words. Biting my lip, I finally meet his gaze. “I found the dungeon last night,” His face twitched. That was all the indication that I needed from him. I could not tell if he was trying to express anger, or outrage, or maybe just surprise. Whatever it was, it made his eyes gleam with a frightening spark. His reaction only seemed to fuel my compulsion to discover the truth. Along with that compulsion though, I now felt something new, a bitter satisfaction that I was right. He had been conspiring with Straiyer, hiding something dangerous that he was now afraid would be uncovered. “I don’t know what you and Straiyer have hidden down there, but I swear I will discover what it is. I know that you trust Straiyer, but believe my words when I tell you that if he has any access to major power he will not hesitate to take over the kingdom.” I stand, backing away from him. I wait for something, anything, in response to my words.

            “Don’t.” The word was so soft, but guttural, I almost couldn’t understand it. His lips had to mouth the word many times before he could repeat it, but he said it. Over and over, pleading with me. As much as it hurt, I turned away from him and walked out. 

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