The Beast Within

In a world where magic is outlawed and virtually extinct, Princess Fiamatta suddenly finds her world turned inside out by the traitorous word. From royalty, to fugitive, to leader of the rebels, Fia is forced to work with a handsome, arrogant magician she found locked away in a dungeon.

btw, this is my NaNoWriMo story so criticism is much appreciated! Thanks :)


56. Act 55

It wasn’t until he said those words did I notice I was standing. My immediate reaction was to back away, but my heels were already against the wall. I was suspended by my chains to the point where only the tips of toes were able to graze the floor. Only, it wasn’t the floor. I was “standing” in a metal basin. Straiyer noticed my gaze and grinned.

“It’s for collection, I can’t afford to waste any of your precious blood,” his malicious voice echoed off the walls around us. I struggled against the chains as he approached, enjoying my helplessness.

“Why do you need my blood? You have my father’s!” I said in an attempt to delay him. My mind skittered all around the room trying to think of something that might help me escape.

“Because your father is not truly royal blood.” His feet paused as he explained this to me. “Your mother was the one of true royal blood, your father was simply a peasant from the streets that she fell in love with. He has no royalty in him.”

I tried to buffer my mind against what he said, I couldn’t afford to be distracted by them right now, but a few of the his words struck a chord within me. My eyes finally drifted to his and I took in the ragged sight of him. His face looked even older than it had in the dream. It was almost as if he was dying from the inside out. He began to move closer again with the knife and my mind panicked for something else to delay him on.

“Wait!” I shouted. “Before you do this, tell me how you captured Logan. If he is all powerful how did you manage to lock him up down here?”

My question brought a wicked smile to his lips and his eyes seemed to stare off into a different time.

“Logan Ayres, the great and powerful Master Magician…” his voice faded as he smirked at the title.  “It was many years ago, when you were a child, that I first ventured to Onsia. During that time I was dutiful, loyal, and naïve. Ordinarily we were forbidden to go past the mountains, but I was on a special mission. The First Magician had left on a trip of exploration and had not returned. It was my duty to go out and find him. So I traveled through the forests. At that time I could only use my magic for tracking spells. Although it was limited, I was still very powerful at what I did.

I found him soon enough. He was crouched, half naked, over a small pond. When I approached him he turned to look at me. His eyes were crazed, and contained an inhuman spark within their depths.

I found it, he told me, I found the secret. When I asked what he meant blinked, looking as if he had just seen me for the first time. The secret to the ultimate power, he said, the one our ancestors tried to harness but had been unable to accomplish. It is our time now; we must continue what they started.

It was then that he stood and I noticed the mark on his chest. The dark symbol of our forefathers, the founders of magic.” His carnal eyes looked me over, appraising me as if imagining the blood running through my veins. “And now, I shall ascend like him.”

“You never finished,” I desperately reminded him, hoping to delay him longer. This time, my ploy didn’t work.

“Oh I will,” his voice maliciously assured me. He approached this time and extended the blade towards me. I tried to move away from his reach but he held my wrist in an iron grip while the sharp edge slit lines across my arm. The blood began to flow instantly, but not at an excessive amount. No, he had cut so that I would bleed out slowly, giving him time to finish the story.

“He made me bow that day in servitude to him, and swear him my allegiance. Once I was on my knees he told me we would control the world. The only thing he needed was the final ingredient to complete the transformation he had begun.

Our journey to the castle was swift. When we got there, I was presented to the king. I told him that I was a traveler from a distant country, and that I had a proposition for him. I had managed to capture a magician and I needed somewhere to store the barbarian. In exchange, I could ensure that the magician’s power was used to protect the land and people.

During that time, Onsia was at war with Crailon and was losing badly. It didn’t take long for your father to see the logic in my proposition. He took it soon after and gave me a position in the castle, one with mobility that allowed me to come and go as I pleased. It was only supposed to be for a month.

Logan would use his power while in the dungeon to wipe out the Crailon troops with a tsunami from the sea. Then after we would get capture the throne, complete the ritual and begin our reign in Onsia. From there we would conquer the world.” His eyes greedily watched the ruby beads slide down my arm and drop into the basin. He moved to my other arm, eager for more, and began cutting lines again.

My head began to feel as if it was full of cotton, and concentration became more difficult with each passing moment. Still he continued on.

“We needed to be inside the castle because the only ingredient we left was you. Your royal blood was the last key to completing the ritual and unleashing the beast upon this world. Once we had drained every ounce from your small body we would be unstoppable. I still remember seeing it at times when I came down to visit him. His eyes would change, I could see it staring out at me from within him.

I needed to know how he became like that; how I could become like that. I knew once we had defeated everyone the most I would ever be was a servant. That wasn’t my destiny, no I was meant to be the ruler: the ultimate sorcerer. So I searched through the bag of scrolls he had. It would take me years to acquire everything needed for the ritual, but luckily I had time on my side. Slowly, I began making potions to increase my power until at the end of the month I was able to put a Sali spell on the dungeon. This allowed every single ounce of power that he tried to use was transferred to me.

My power began to grow exponentially after that as the beast within him began to get anxious. Naturally, I was curious to see how much the beast could endure while trapped in the body of a human. So I performed my own experiments. In the human state.” Finally, too excited to wait for any more of my blood he stepped into the basin. With his face close to mine, I got a good look at his eyes. It was only then that I noticed something shift from behind them; within the depths of their darkness. On my body stiffened with a primal fear as he stared into my frightened eyes.

“I never did get to see the beast in his true form, by the time you had freed Logan, I had exhausted it to the extremes and he had figured out how to subdue it within him. I wonder what it truly looks like.” He raised the bloodied blade to his throat. “Let’s find out.”

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