The Beast Within

In a world where magic is outlawed and virtually extinct, Princess Fiamatta suddenly finds her world turned inside out by the traitorous word. From royalty, to fugitive, to leader of the rebels, Fia is forced to work with a handsome, arrogant magician she found locked away in a dungeon.

btw, this is my NaNoWriMo story so criticism is much appreciated! Thanks :)


52. Act 51

After getting lost a few times I had finally made it back to my room. Although I was a little worse for wear, there was nothing a little sleep couldn’t fix. Caiden was in the room, they had apparently brought in another bed because he was fast asleep in one on the opposite side of the room from mine. I crawled inside, numb to everything except for the strong desire for absolute oblivion. Quickly, I slipped beneath the covers and I let sleep take me.

That night my dreams offered no respite to my mind. Beneath my shut eyelids a terrible scene was unfolding.

I was alone, trapped at the bottom of a deep well. There was no water, instead I stood upon dry earth. My eyes peered up at the small circle of sky above me. I cried out, my voice echoed off the stone walls of the well. My energy began to wane and I decided to sit down against the wall and rest for a little bit. And then a shadow fell upon me. I looked up and there was Logan, peering over the edge of the well down at me. He shouted to me, but his words reached my ear in a distorted manner. It was incomprehensible. His finger pointed down as he continued shouting to me, fear tainted his voice.

I glanced down to see water leaking in from the sides of the wall. Rapidly, the well began to fill as the water level rose uncontrollably. I panicked, remembering I don’t know how to swim, and looked up at Logan for help. Instead of his familiar eyes I saw the jet black irises that belonged to Straiyer.

I could see the triumph reflected in them and it made me sick. The water continued to rise, and soon I was suspended in the pool. Straiyer’s hands moved in dizzying circles as the water rose with me in it. It was then I realized he was controlling it, he was using the water to bring me to him.

Fear stole control of my body and I let myself go under. I tried my hardest to sink to the bottom, knowing that death was better than enduring his torture methods, but to no avail. My body kept being swept up to the top by a current. My eyes stared through the water up at Straiyer, the image of him was distorted by the ripples.

My body emerged from the water and rested on top of it. His face was a mere inches from mine. Now that I looked at him in detail, he seemed older. There were more wrinkles on his face, and deep-set ones lined his forehead.

I tried to move away from him but my body laid, on the surface of the water, frozen. His hideous face leaned down and closed the couple inches between us. My body screamed as his tongue invaded my mouth. When he pulled away I felt something hard laying between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. His eyes gleamed down at me as his lips curled into a malicious smirk.

“I shall see you soon, my dear,”

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