The Beast Within

In a world where magic is outlawed and virtually extinct, Princess Fiamatta suddenly finds her world turned inside out by the traitorous word. From royalty, to fugitive, to leader of the rebels, Fia is forced to work with a handsome, arrogant magician she found locked away in a dungeon.

btw, this is my NaNoWriMo story so criticism is much appreciated! Thanks :)


44. Act 43

Shock blanked my mind as I listened to the charges. I watched those bright yellow eyes as they stared me down.

“How do you plead?” Her voice held no mercy within it. I already felt that in her mind I was guilty.

“Not guilty.” I said. The level of confidence in my voice surprised me, but I decided not to question it, I needed to sound stronger than what I felt.

The speaker looked around at the other officials and nodded. “Let the questioning begin.” She said then sat down once more.

“Tell us what happened.” A voice asked from my left. It was from an older man with a great white beard, and old blue eyes that peered out from beneath bushy eyebrows.

“I cannot say what happened since I have no idea who you are talking about. I have never seen your magician, or even heard of him for that matter. How can you accuse us of kidnapping someone we have never met.” My words sent a ripple of looks up and down the table. It was the woman with yellow eyes who spoke first.

“She is lying, we have witnesses saying that they saw both of them enter the city with the magician.” She said as her eyes flicked to me. I stared back, not allowing her to see the fear that was growing inside me. “You will not get the truth from a foreigner,” she said turning back to the councilors, “allow me to go inside her mind and extract the information we need.”

My eyes widened as the officials began to mutter and discuss the idea. Could she really get inside my mind? I shuddered inwardly, not wanting to find out. Suddenly the door that we had entered from slammed open, hitting wall hard.

“That will not be necessary,” Logan’s voice boomed as he stormed into the room. My heart leaped in the chest at the sight of him. But then dropped once more as I noticed his golden robes.  His angry glare never once looked my way. Instead it frightened everyone else in the room before landing on the silver magician who had risen from her seat.

He strode up to her, and stood before her. Both were tall, but Logan was taller, making him look intimidating as they stared at each other. She took a small step back, and then to my surprise bowed deeply to him.

“Welcome, First Master Magician Ayres.”

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