The Beast Within

In a world where magic is outlawed and virtually extinct, Princess Fiamatta suddenly finds her world turned inside out by the traitorous word. From royalty, to fugitive, to leader of the rebels, Fia is forced to work with a handsome, arrogant magician she found locked away in a dungeon.

btw, this is my NaNoWriMo story so criticism is much appreciated! Thanks :)


21. Act 20

My feet stopped moving, and my head instantly went blank. Logan walked a few more steps before he realized that I wasn’t with him. He turned around to face me, apparently unaware that this was new knowledge to me.

            “You didn’t know?” he asked quietly.

            “Of course I didn’t know!” I shout at him. I felt the sudden anger erupting out of me like a tidal wave, threatening to wash Logan away in its aftermath. “I don’t know anything about magic, that’s why I asked you to explain it to me!” He nodded slowly and tried approaching me, in an attempt to calm me down, but I ignored it. “Tell me exactly what you mean by ‘that’s how he died,’” My shout echoed throughout the silent forest, as if every tiny creature was hiding from my explosive anger.

            “Straiyer was gloating, like he normally does, about his cleverness when he had me trapped in the dungeon.” He took a deep breath, unsure how I what he had to say next, “For months, Straiyer had been poisoning the king. The drug he used weakened your father’s mind, making it more susceptible to suggestion, but more importantly it made his mind unable to guard against an attack. During dinner, Straiyer assaulted your father’s mind brutally, killing his conscious in the process and replacing it with a small bit of himself. After, when your father’s body laid in bed, Straiyer could see and hear everything that the body perceived.” As understanding dawned on my face he hurried on to the end, “That’s how he knew you found out about me. It’s how I knew you were coming.”

            The strength in my knees disappeared and suddenly I found myself sitting on the ground. My mind seemed to put up a shield against his words, not wanting to know his truth. I didn’t want to accept that my father had died in my arms, or that I had played straight into Straiyer’s plan. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it felt like for my father, being murdered while at the same time being forced out of his mind. I grasped my head in my hands, hoping that way it wouldn’t split open. When Logan sat beside me, I didn’t notice it. Nor did I notice when his arms pulled me into his lap and held me close. I only noticed his warmth penetrate my cold, hollow core as my heart screamed its fury and agony in my chest.

            We stayed like that for a while. Logan held me until my tears halted, and my body stopped shaking. When I had finally regained my senses, I crawled off his lap wordlessly and stood. I heard him climbing to his feet behind me and I took a deep breath, hoping to steady my voice.

            “I’m sorry for wasting so much time,” I muttered quietly, “if we hurry, we can probably still make it there by tonight.” I heard him mumble a soft reply so I began walking. He followed beside me, staying quiet, until I was ready to break the silence. I didn’t, not for a long time. My mind refused to think. It could not handle any more thoughts; they were all too depressing so it just shut down for a while. For once, I was thankful for the blissful silence.

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