You Can Run

There's one person who shares your tattoo with you. Mine, is a small bird on my lower left hip. The way our society worked was, this tattoo wasn't just any tattoo. You were born with this intricate marking. Your mission in life is to find your soul mate, in this case, someone with the same tattoo as you in the exact same area. The hard part is, there's many people on this world. "You can run, but you can't hide Princess."


5. 5

Savannah's POV

I was shaken up at Justin's words. "If I can't have you no one can," repeated over and over.

I couldn't help but think about, what Francesca was going through, did they let her go? Did they keep her? Did they possibly sexually harass her, or even kill her? All these thoughts ran through my head, making my head burn. I mentally groaned, looking out the window. Dreading to escape.

"Hungry?" Justin asks, as he chewed up on a donut.

"Nope," I lied, though I was starving to death.

"Are you sure?" He asks, with a frown.

"Yes I'm sure," I snapped, whining my head back to the window.

"That attitude is going to get you no where, so how about you calm down, and just eat." He practically demanded.

"I am not hungry. Alright? But what I am, is tired. So the least you could do is bring me a pillow or at least a blanket so I could go to sleep.." I say, almost fearful.

"You're sleeping in my room, c'mon!" he says, as I was about to talk back, "Don't even think about it, just follow me." He says, I do as told.

We entered his big bedroom, a king sized bed sat in the center of the room, Justin then looked through his dressers

"You can take a shower.." He says, I nod as he handed me a towel.

"Bathroom is the door to the left. And don't even think about trying something." He says giving me a wary eye.

I simply nod again, and walk into the bathroom, and locking the door behind me.

Justin's POV

I heard the shower turn off, I quickly knew she was done.

She stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, as my eyes traveled her body.

"Umm... I kinda need clothes..." She says shyly.

"Oh right," I say quickly looking through my dressers.

"I might just need to find you something I owned when I was 10." I joked

She giggled, looking down. She's so adorable. Okay justin quit it you're acting like a wussy.

I then handed her clothes, and just stood there. Waiting.

"Umm, I need to get changed if you don't mind." She looked down as a red color splashed her cheeks. I sat down on the bed, folding my hands.

"Oh, don't mind me. Go on, change." I urged her. Its not like I wanted to see her strip, its just that I can't get all soft on her. I need to maintain this tough demeanor that I displayed. I'm a criminal, and criminal's don't get soft. At all.

"Y-you want me to change here? In front of you?" Her brown eyes widened as I just chuckled and stood up.

"I'm just gonna let you figure that one out." I brushed past her, shutting the door and locking it, taking the key with me. No way, was I gonna let her escape that easily. I left a window open in the bedroom, just to see her try to escape. I pulled out my phone, unlocking it and dialing Ryan's number.

"Hello?" Ryan's raspy voice answered the phone, clearing his throat.

"I've got a business preposition from Boss. He wants us to rob a house over on 45th and Newman Street. You in? Or are you too busy catering to your lady friend?" I laughed as Ryan groaned and sighed.

"Yeah, I'm in. We've got to get Artie and Chaz to get us some amo quick. We need some more guns and bombs also. Don't get me started on how many bullets we need. We also need masks, and gloves, and-.." He rambled on and on.

Okay. Boss said this robbery had to be done tomorrow. Call Artie and Peter and ask them now so it can be ready tomorrow." I quickly cut him off, sighing.

"Got it. See you tomorrow at what time?" He questioned, as I ran a hand through my hair.

"9:35. Be on time."

"Alright, damn."

~ ~ ~

Sorry its short and ended weird. Updating soon! Byee!

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