You Can Run

There's one person who shares your tattoo with you. Mine, is a small bird on my lower left hip. The way our society worked was, this tattoo wasn't just any tattoo. You were born with this intricate marking. Your mission in life is to find your soul mate, in this case, someone with the same tattoo as you in the exact same area. The hard part is, there's many people on this world. "You can run, but you can't hide Princess."


4. 4

Savannah's POV

I rested my head back against the seat, closing my eyes. I was trapped in a car with my soul mate and I wasn't having fun because we've been driving for what seemed like hours. My eyes flew open when the car stopped and I sat up, looking out of the window.

"Like what you see Princess?" Justin's voice snapped me out of my trance.

"Don't fucking call me Princess." I sneered at him, running my hands through my hair. He laughed and opened the car door, stepping out and jogging around to my side. As he opened the door, I stumbled out and stood in awe.


How could such a vile person have such a nice house? His house was way to.... mature for him.


He couldn't be more than 20.




"How old are you?" I blurt out, mentally slapping myself for asking that question.


"I wish I could tell you but I'd be giving out too much information. I ask the questions here, not you." He snapped as we walked up to the front door and he opened it.


"You can wonder around a bit, but don't try to escape. All the windows and doors are locked. Don't do anything stupid." He added as he walked into the living room, plopping down on the couch and flicking on th television.


"Uhm, Justin?" I asked, my voice cracking as I shook in fear. He looked up and I melted just looking into his beautiful brown.


Stop it Savannah.


He's so adorable.


He's bad for you.


His lips are so plump and pink.






Stop. Now.




"Yes Savannah? How can I assist you Princess?" He smirked as I cringed at the nickname he'd given me.


'Uhm, can you take me home to get some clothes. Because I don't think you're letting me go... for a while." I mumbled out, sighing and running my hands through my hair for the 100th time tonight.


"Nope. I had this all planned out, Savannah. I did some research on you and I know everything there is to know about you Savannah Marie Lovee'." He smirked yet again. Ugh!  I hate that smirk!


My mouth dropped, but I quickly closed it placing a hand to my mouth covering it.


"H-How did you know that?" I asked dumbfounded. He rolled his eyes and stood up.


"I just told you. I know everything about you. From your size 7 in shoes, to you size 3 in pants." He informed me of my sizes. I closed my eyes again and blew out a breath.


Suddenly I felt his warm, hot breath against my neck. My breathing slowed and my eyes flew open as his hands were on my waist, gently squeezing them.


I turned and pushed him away from me.


"Can I shower?" I whispered, still in shock from the contact.

"I ask the questions. But yes. Down the hall to the right his your room and there is a bathroom inside. There are clothes that you like inside your closet. Actually, the clothes are from your house. I may have broke in, took them and put them in my house." He laughed, his dimple popping into his face.



For one second, he looked innocent and vulnerable.


He;s not.


People have told me about him.




My Parents.


Friends. Well, my only friend Francesca.


Everyone knows about him.


He's deadly.


He's wanted by many


Mostly the cops.


All the girls want him but are too scared to go after him.


"Can I please go home?" I breath out as I anticipate his answer.


"No. You can't you're mine."


"I'm not yours! I don't belong to you! You can't have me! No one can have me!" I screeched, as tears brimmed my eyes. He stepped closer, grabbing my arm and pulling me closer. He leaned closer, placing his lips next to my ear.


"If I can't have you, no one can."





Hey! Hope you liked it!

Sorry its soo short!


We will update soon!







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