Why Me?!

Alex and Jade are bestfriends moving to England. They want to be able to be independent. Have their own job, make their own money, ect. One thing they didn't know is that Niall and Harry would be living beside them. They didn't really think they would fine their love anytime soon. But that changes.


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3 Jade's POV:

While in the car, it was hard to find songs that we knew. But good thing Alex and I had music on our phone. Other than that, everything was going perfect. Accept for the fact that I think we were truly lost! It's okay I got this. "We're lost huh?" Alex said while laughing. I knew she could care less. Just in case we got home before dark.

"I know where to go now!" Alex said thinking all smart. As soon as we knew it, we were on the street that our flat was on. Our parents got us a flat until whatever we we wanted to do. It wasn't hard to find the flat. It wasn't dark out yet, so it was good we got there. When we parked me and Alex gave out a deep breath in relief. Alex got out first, then she stopped in her steps. She kinda scared me.

She just moved her head towards the road. Signaling me to look. I turned around in my seat to look out the back window. There was five boys playing soccer, or should I say "football" in the road. "How did we not see then when you were driving?" Alex asked confused. "I have no idea" I said almost said whispering.

"I don't want them to see me. I look a mess!" Alex said jumping into the car. "Their paying no attention" I said chuckling. "Then you get out!" Alex said with a face that I've seen when she's about to bust out laughing. "Okay we'll both get out on the count of three. One... Two... Three" we both jumped out the car probably looking like stupid.

When we got out, we struggled to get our suitcases out. But we didn't really want to be notices right now. When we got everything I hurried to the door. " If only there wasn't stairs" Alex said smiling sarcastically.

Niall's POV:

The two girls that came in earlier struggled to get in their flat. Me and Harry lived next door to them. I would have asked if then needed help, but they kept their head down like they didn't want to be noticed.

When me and the boys got done we all walked to their parked cars and said our "goodbyes". Zayn (one of my bestfriends) stopped before getting In his car. "So you guys going to try to talk to them?" He asked me and Harry. "They just got here and I've never seen them around here before." Harry said looking at their flat. "We'll their pretty cute, and maybe their new here." Zayn said. He was always right. "We'll bye mates. See ya tomorrow." He said closing his door and speeding off bumping his horn.

As Harry left, one of the girls came out. It was the one that was shorter and had black long hair. She had on a tank top with some pajama pants. It was dark outside so I didn't want to scare her on the first night. She opened the passenger door and bent over to get something out the car.

Most of the time I would have whistled at a cute girl bedding over. But this girl, I felt like she was way different. But I haven't even met her yet. That has to change.

I kept playing Zayn's words in my head from what he asked earlier. I think I was going to get to know her. I have never been this interested in a girl like this.

The girl was about to walk into her flat. That's when I felt like I was forced to walk over to her. It was awkward. She looked a little confused. I was taller then her, so she had to kind of look up. Her big black eyes looked really pretty like that. I couldn't help but stare in them.

"Um, can I help you?" She said staring at the ground now. "No I just came to say welcome to the neigh-" I stopped. This girl didn't sound British or anything. She sound like a Yank (American).

"Well I'm going in now" she said with a polite smile. But I didn't want her to go. So I grabbed her arm gently. She turned around facing me again she looked a little confused. "Yes?" She was so beautiful. "I- I'm sorry" I blurted out. "For what you did nothing wrong aha" she had this effect on me that I didn't know could happened. I think I actually liked her. But I was love at first sight...

"Just wanted to say welcome to the neighborhood" I said with a smile. Her smile got bigger. "Thank you. So you live next door?" "Yes" I said answering her question. "Oh well I'm here with my Bestfriend Jade" she said looking up. "I'm here with my mate Harry. So what's your name?" I asked curiously.

"I'm Alex" she said looking into my eyes.

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