Why Me?!

Alex and Jade are bestfriends moving to England. They want to be able to be independent. Have their own job, make their own money, ect. One thing they didn't know is that Niall and Harry would be living beside them. They didn't really think they would fine their love anytime soon. But that changes.


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2 Alex's POV:

I was woken up by the three guys from earlier. They poking and playfully pushing me and Jade to get up. I jumps when they started to laugh. I could see Jade was a little confused. It was always like that when you woke her up. Everyone was already off the plane and we were the only 5 on there.

Jade's POV:

The dudes from the airport was on our plane!? I couldn't get over how cute they were, but I had to go against myself. I was really hungry... Like always. Alex scared me when she jumped. The three dudes looked really confused. We got up and and all got off the plane.

We were here! Me and Alex has be waiting for this. Plus I was ready to get off the plane. I played my worries off pretty well. Well compared to Alex.... I think she even threw up. When we got off the plane, we were going to get the car that my parents and Alex's parents got her and I.

As we got to car our jaws completely dropped. Who would have know our parents would get us a Range Rover? "Wow, this is pretty sweet" Alex said raising her eyebrows and her big shiny brown eyes getting bigger. "Yeah it is... Who's driving?" I asked even though I knew the answer. Of course I was driving. "I guess you. I'm pretty tired right now" she said with a fake yawn. "Oh shut up! You just woke up from like and hour of rest aha". Alex just rolled her eyes with a big smile on her face.

After we struggled and got the luggage into the back seat, we hoped in the car. It was funny seeing Alex getting in because she was so short. As we were driving off a car zoomed and stopped right in front of us. Alex quickly opened the door as soon as I smashed the brakes. Alex was the kind that would totally go off if you pushes her to the limit.

"What the hell are you doing" Alex was saying as I got out the car. She moved a little and I saw it was those three guys again. It was weird we've been talking to them almost the whole time, but yet know there names. I could see Alex was really mad now. "Calm down, nothing got damaged" the boy driving said with a smirk. "I'm telling you, I see you three one more time!" Alex was really mad now. "What are you going to do!?". And now Alex was so mad she could say anything. "Yeah... So let us introduce our selfs" the one driving went on. "I'm Jake, this is Logan" he said pointing to the one in the passenger seat. "And this is Ashton" he said pointing to the one in the back.

"We'll I'm Jade and this is Alex" I said trying to be nice. I really wanted then to let us go. I was hungry at this point... Very hungry. "We'll that's nice and where you guys head-" Alex cut him off, "It doesn't matter, you've guys cause enough trouble" she said with a small laugh.

Everything was starting to go well. Even the conversation. When we all swapped number they decided to leave. It was a little weird, I mean at first we were fussing, then we all start to joke around. But that's how it always went. Me and Alex could never stay mad at someone.

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