Why Me?!

Alex and Jade are bestfriends moving to England. They want to be able to be independent. Have their own job, make their own money, ect. One thing they didn't know is that Niall and Harry would be living beside them. They didn't really think they would fine their love anytime soon. But that changes.


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1 Alex's POV:

" I love you!!!" Everyone yelled. We were having a Goodbye party. Me and my Bestfriend Jade, are moving to England together. We always wanted to go there because we loved the British accents. Plus it would be nice to get out of America and go somewhere where people also spoke English. As we were leaving, our friends and family were wishing us luck and for us to come back soon. We just got out of school and I really don't think our parents were ready to let us go.

My dad was driving us to the airport, so you could say it was a bit awkward being in the car and wanting to dance when your favorite song came on. My dad then broke the silence when he started to talk about us trying not to get in too much trouble. As my dad went on and on about how some boys could be just the worst thing, me and Jade just starred at each other trying not to laugh. "I'm serious! I don't want you girls getting in trouble and getting hurt!" My dad said with annoyance. My mom and dad always wanted the best for me and my younger siblings. And the same for Jade's parents. They wanted the best for her and her little brother. When we got to the airport my dad help us with our luggage. I think he got a little annoyed when a couple of guys were starring at me and Jade. They weren't that bad looking or too old maybe just a couple years older. But I had no interested. I was waiting to get in England and see who I could find. Same for Jade, but we still shared that look that everyone shared with their bestfriend when they saw someone attractive.

When everything was done, it was time to get on the plane. "Bye, I love you" I said trying to hold back my tears to my dad. "Love ya, and make sure you guys call us!" Jade commented. "I love you guys too, and call us when you get there. Okay?" My dad saying, making sure we understood in sarcasm. Knowing that me and Jade could be complete air heads. After sharing tight hugs and kisses on the cheek, we got on the plane. My stomach was starting to have this weird feeling that I get when I'm scared. I have never been on an airplane. I guess I could say I was nervous.

The whole time on the airplane, I felt I could vomit at anytime. I had to go to the bathroom, but then again I was even to afraid to even stand up! Jade could tell I wasn't feeling well. "We're almost there. Just think about those dudes we saw back at the airport. They were pretty cute" she said with a wide grin. I can say that lightened up my world a lot. I got up from my chair and walked to the bathroom not starring at anyone sitting down aside.

When I got to bathroom I went straight to the toilet. It happened... I hated to vomit. Especially when it wasn't in my own home. When I got done I had to go wash off. I put water in my mouth while hoping my breath wouldn't started to stink to bad. Looking at myself in the mirror I looked rough right now from all the worrying. To be honest, if I knew being on a plane was going to be like this, I would have not got on. As I was on my way to my seat, I looked to my side. My eyes met with one of the guys from the airport. A wide grin came upon his face. "Hi" he said with a shocking face. "Uhm hey" I said with a small smile. "So I see we're going to the same place huh?" He said looking over to the guys in the seat across from him. It was the other 2 guys that was with him at the airport. They were all three American. So I wanted to know what was their reason to go to England. I didn't ask though, because I wanted to go back to my seat. "We'll I'm going to go now" I said awkwardly while going.

Jade was asleep when I got back to the seat. So I fell asleep...

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