Little did she know

Niall and Ella have been bestfriends since they were babies. They basically grew up togther. One day Niall auditions for xfactor and forgets all about Ella... How will Ella react? Will they ever talk again. Find out and read (:


1. Dont go..

Niall's P.o.v

"Ella i have to go.." i said. "No you don't!!" she cried. "Ella i promise i wont forget you!" i said. Ella sobbed into my arms and hugged me tightly. "You cant do this to me!" Ella yelled. "Ella i have to.. I'm sorry.." I said while tears started to appear in my crystal blue eyes. "Ella, look at me." i said. She looks up at me, while her emerald green eyes. "I love you, and please don't forget that." i said weakly. "I love you Nialler!" she said. "Niall come on!" my mum yelled. I give Ella a box with a necklace inside. It said "& beyond". " I have one too, it says "Too infinity". I smiled. "Bye Ella.." i said. I walked toward the car and opened the door. I looked at Ella and waved. "Bye love." i said.

Ella's P.o.v

He left me.. I loved him so much.. I ran into my house and into my room and slammed the door. I cried into my pillow the whole day. I looked at the necklace and cried even more. I stopped crying and went  to my bathroom and washed my face. I put my hair up in a messy bun. I went down into the kitchen. "Love.. eat please." my mum said. "Mum he left.." i said. My mum walked to me and brushed the hair out of my face. "He loves you honey.." my mum said. "i miss him so much already mum.." i started to cry into my mums arms. My mum picked up my head and wiped my tears. "Eat please."  she smiled wearily. I ate my pasta and then put my dishes in the sink. I went upstairs and closed my door. I put my pajamas on and turned off the light and went to bed.

*3 years later* (Sorry i jumped so far!)

Ella's P.o.v

Its been 4 years since Niall left me. I've cried so much since that. Every single night. Im now 18 and Nialls 19. Niall was 16 when he left and i was 15. I still have the necklace on. I've never taken it off. Niall's now in a band called One Direction. There all British except Niall. Me and Niall lost contact. We never talked again. My bestfriend Crystal, has been there for me since Niall left. "Babe! lets go to Starbucks!" Crystal yelled. "mkaay" i smiled. (WE ARE NOT LESBIANS! WE JUST CALL EACHOTHER BABE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT xD) I put on my Purple Jake Willis that Niall gave me. "Ella your gonna have to get over him." Crystal said. "It's not easy! I love him!" i said. "Love he's famous now, he's busy with everything." Crystal said. "I know... i just cant..." i said. We walked  out our flat and locked the door. "Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me, cause we are the same, you save me , but when you leave its gone again" i sang. "Why didn't you try out for xFactor!" Crystal said. "I was too nervous!" i laughed. "Your voice is amazing love" Crystal smiled. "Thanks babe" i said. We got to Starbucks and ordered our drinks. Crystal paid the guy and our drinks. We started to walk home and all i could think about was Niall.

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