1D Imagines

I need prompts for this so comment this can be what ever you want underage boyxboy Ziall LILO nouis narry ect


3. The Punk and the sweetheart

Pairing: Maya and Louis

Rating PG


I had woken up to my alarm it was so annoying I hated the sound I turn it off and get out of bed I shiver from the cold air hitting my skin today I start at the academy of art in London my mom is a lawyer so we move a lot its a lot of stress to pack then unpack but I don't really mind I get in the shower letting the hot water hit my back I get out dry up putting on my dress it was a floral patterned dress and I wanted to make a good impression after that I did my make up then curled my hair I grab my bag and walk downstairs grabbing a piece of toast and slipping on my toms leaving out of the front door I waited for my bus when it arrived I got on taking the third seat on my right the bus had stopped and a boy with many tattoos and piercings with plugs cam on stopping at my seat

Is this your seat I ask

yeah he said

i'm sorry ill just move I said in a panic

no its fine ill just sit next to you he said smiling

I felt a blush creep on my cheeks Id have to say he was cute and a bad boy always a turn on

i'm Louis by the way he said

well i'm Maya its nice to meet you

~End of school~

the day had ended and my locker is jammed by the time I got it opened the busses had left this is bullshit I whisper to myself I have to wait here till 6:00 great just my luck I turn to only be met with beautiful blue eyes he leaned in and kissed me I didn't back away I loved it it was slow yet full of love after that we started dating after high school we got married it was a bold choice but now i'm happily married with two boy named Jesse and Jamie I just can think what I would do without them that how I became Maya Tomlinson


AN: this is for Maya she was my first request if you want a request just comment I just need to now if you want it ratted R or G anything in between I need a pairing and a description that's it so please request

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