1D Imagines

I need prompts for this so comment this can be what ever you want underage boyxboy Ziall LILO nouis narry ect


2. Jesse and Harry

plot line: Jesse is sleeping over at his best friends Harry's house what will happen when Jesse admits his feelings

Rating : G

~4:00 pm~

Today was the day the day I would tell harry how I felt I had the biggest crush on home ever since the first day I saw him he invites me to come over for a sleep over I grab my duffle bag and grab my keys leavening a note for my mum saying I was going to Harry's I drove to Harry's sitting outside thinking for ten minutes I got out a grabbed my duffle bag and knocked on the door the door swung open to see a shirtless harry my eyes widened to she his abs "Jesse you alright come on in I'm just gonna go get a shirt" he said I snapped out of my daze and sat on the couch harry came down minutes later to see me taking selfies on his phone "HEY what are you doing with my phone" he playfully shouts I almost deal the phone "you scared the crap out of me" I said rubbing my neck "I have something to tell you harry" I say nervously "what's up"he said "umm I have feeling for you not just friendship feelings I think I'm in love with you" I just said learning everything slip out instead of being laughed at I felt a gentle kiss are lips met perfectly like two puzzle pieces I pull away and hug him crying into his chest "I love you so much I've loved you ever since I met you" I said with tearful eyes "I love you to I will always be with you" he said we snuggled on the couch all night that night I fell asleep next to the man of our children the man if my dreams and my future husband

hey why didn't anyone leave prompts please leave some

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