1D Imagines

I need prompts for this so comment this can be what ever you want underage boyxboy Ziall LILO nouis narry ect


5. Aniversery

Lexi POV


I had just got home from the grocery store to day was Louis and I's anniversary I was so exited being married for two years brings joy to me I get home and put the groceries in the fridge leaving to go get my hair done today I was going to make this romantic little did I know Louis was planning the same thing

Louis's Pov

my plane had just touched down I got my luggage and left I just got back from a America for work  it was time to surprise lexi I got roses and candles and chocolates for her she's going to love this when I got out the cab and went in she was gone I guess she's out for the day I might as well start on dinner I opened the fridge and took out some chicken the grabbing a pot filling it with water to cook pasta with I seasoned the chicken and put it in the oven after the pasta was done cooking I strained it and put it in the fridge it was about 6:00 I didn't know when she was getting home I took the rose petals off the roses spreading them across the floor trailing into the room I ran the bubble bath hot cause after dinner it should be just right I chilled some champagne and dimed the bathroom lighting candles I went downstairs and heated some alfrado sauce took the pasta out pouring it in the sauce mixing it together I took the pasta placing it on two plates I pulled the chicken out cutting it into long pieces burning my finger tips but I didn't care anything for my love I placed it on the table I looked out the window to see her pulling in I hide

Lexi's Pov

I unlock the door to see rose petals and candles lit and to see food on the table um... i'm I in the wrong house I step forward only to be scared by my lover

LOUIS I MISSED YOU I scream tears running down my cheeks

I did to baby he said

we ate then he lead me upstairs we took a bath and drank champagne I rewarded him as fit for doing this this was the most romantic thing in the world that why I Love Louis William Tomlinson


AN: sorry Lexi this took so long I had finals so I finally got this done I hope you like it

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