the jurnal of the girl that disappeared

Izzibella, or Izzy for short, was a typical 15 year old teenage girl. Izzy was a very smart girl, she always had good grades in school. She had long blonde hair and ocean blue eyes that had a sort of sparkle on them. She was from a small town in Oklahoma called Grady on a small farm with her mom Linda and her 12 year old brother Dylan. She was a tenth grader in high school and had planned on going to college to be an art teacher when she graduated high school. The only problem she had at school were all of the people that bullied her, students and some of the teachers. The girl that had bullied her the most was Amanda. Amanda was a tall girl with short brown hair and emerald green eyes. Amanda and Izzy went to the same school, they actually used to be friends before Amanda started to bully her. Amanda lived in town in a rather large beautiful white house with her mom, dad, and her two sisters. She loved to play sports, do cheerleading, and to go shopping.


9. Sunday, February 2nd


When I woke up Ryder wasn’t there, but there was a not that he left on his desk,


Dear Izzy,


I had to go do something at work, there’s some breakfast down stairs on the kitchen table I left for you I’ll see you soon.

P.S- there’s something I wanted to talk to you about when I get back if that’s ok with you.





“I wonder what it is that he wants me to talk about?” I asked myself, then I went down to the kitchen to find three pancakes, some bacon, and some eggs on the table that Ryder left for me to eat. After I ate I decided to clean the kitchen and pick up he house a little bit for him since he has been so nice to me for the past few days. After I was done cleaning I went to go take a shower, so I grabbed a pair of Ryder’s shorts, one of his big t-shirts, and a towel. I was only in the shower for a few minutes when I herd a door open and close, so I quickly finished shaving my legs and got out and wrapped a towel around myself, that’s when I herd a knock at the door.

“Izzy? Are you in there?” I herd Ryder ask from the other side of the door.

“Yeah. Just give me a few minutes to let me get dressed.” I replied. After I was dressed I walked out to the front room to see Ryder passed out on the couch so I covered him up with a blanket and he opened his eyes.

“Sorry I thought you were asleep.” I said with a shaky voice.

“It’s ok.” He said with a smile and patting a spot next to the couch asking me to sit next to him, so I did

“what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked him.

“Well...” He sighed. I wanted to say that I really like you a lot. You’re just so sweet and very beautiful and I would love to call you my girl. That’s only if you want to be though.” He said holding my hand in his and looking deep in my eyes. I just smiled really big and started blushing.

“You know I think its cute when you blush.” He said moving closer to me.

“I would love to be your girl Ryder, but ho would we do this people aren’t supposed to know where I am. If they find me they’ll take me away and put me in the hospital and we’ll never get to see each other.” I said laying back on the couch.

“It’ll be ok sweetie we’ll figure out I promise.” He said while leaning over me and kissing me on the cheek.

“You really think this could work?”

“Think what could work?”

“You know us?”

“I think it’ll work.” He told me, then he put his hand on my cheek and lightly stoked his thumb across my cheek and kissed me very passionately on my lips. That’s when his other hand started wonder. He first started at my stomach under my shirt, well his shirt, his hand slowly started to roam higher that’s when I pushed him away. He had a confusing look in his eyes.

“I’m sorry. I just...” I cut myself off.

“It’s ok I understand your not ready yet I’m not mad.” He told me while hugging me.

“Thank you.” I said, then he lay down next to me and I gently drifted off to sleep with him holding me in his arms knowing that I’m safe when I’m with him.











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