the jurnal of the girl that disappeared

Izzibella, or Izzy for short, was a typical 15 year old teenage girl. Izzy was a very smart girl, she always had good grades in school. She had long blonde hair and ocean blue eyes that had a sort of sparkle on them. She was from a small town in Oklahoma called Grady on a small farm with her mom Linda and her 12 year old brother Dylan. She was a tenth grader in high school and had planned on going to college to be an art teacher when she graduated high school. The only problem she had at school were all of the people that bullied her, students and some of the teachers. The girl that had bullied her the most was Amanda. Amanda was a tall girl with short brown hair and emerald green eyes. Amanda and Izzy went to the same school, they actually used to be friends before Amanda started to bully her. Amanda lived in town in a rather large beautiful white house with her mom, dad, and her two sisters. She loved to play sports, do cheerleading, and to go shopping.


7. still chapter six

a smirk on his face while pulling mw closer to him. I didn’t say anything I just smiled at him and giggle.

“What are you giggling about?” He asked.


“What do you mean me?”

“It’s just... I don’t know?” I cut myself off.

“No tell me please.” He demanded

“Well its just that your being so nice to me now, how come you were always kind of mean to me during school?” I asked holding back my tears remembering how mean he used to be to me.

“I’m so sorry Izzy, I shouldn’t have treated you that way. I judged you by how you dressed before I got to know you, how sweet of a girl that you really are and I think that now that I’ve took the time to get to know you better. I’m sorry. I really am. Please forgive me?” After he told me that a tear fell down my cheek so I turned my head so he wouldn’t see that what he said really touched my heart, but he noticed and turned my face to make me look at him.

“Why are you crying?” He asked.

“It’s just that no one has ever said anything that nice to me before. And I think you’re a really sweet person.” I told, and another tear fell down my cheek.

“Hush now please don’t cry.” He said wiping my tears away.

“Your too sweet.” I said.

“No you are.” He said before leaning down and kissing me, then pulling away telling me to go to sleep, and puling my very close to him so I lied my head down and drifted off into a very peaceful sleep.

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