Waiting for Summer

Fresh out of college, Summer is starting her first year at university. Modeling all throughout college her mother tells her that she must go to university or her mum won't give Summer her pay checks. Forced to work, Summer gets her first real job a a bakery in town where she meets the number one person who she hates...Harry Styles. They tried dating once but it didn't work out when the rumors about Haylor were spreading. So when Harry tries to win her back, will Summer be her usual defiant independent self? Or will she give Harry a second chance? Read more to find out x


4. The Fight




Okay guys so these first couple of chapters are going to be flash backs of Summer and Harry's history ( the little history that exist between them anyway ) I hope you guys enjoy and that it's not to confusing at first. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.



I don't know why or how but Harry must've had a good judgement on me because he knew I had ripped up his note when I got a text from his later that night. Maybe Regie put the little pieces of paper back together to read the note and he texted Harry or something about what happened.



I know that you weren't going to text or call so I decided to make the effort once again. I'm back home, maybe we should hang out sometime. x


How bout no, and how did you get my number you creep? You should've taken the hint when I ripped up the paper. No I do not want to hang out please leave me alone.


I placed my phone down on the end table by my bed. I took a sip of the coffee that my mother made me. She was the best. My phone started to vibrate. Dammit. He texted me back. I tried to ignore it and I did, but I couldn't resist. I picked up my iPhone and unlocked it and checked the text message.


Your lovely manager gave it to me. He's such a sweet guy, honestly. I'm coming to pick you up in an hour.


I cringed as I read the message. I wanted to  just tell him no, but for some reason I didn't. Instead, I stood up and I debated on whether or not if I wanted to act actually get done up. I decided not to. To stay exactly the way I was, in my feety pajamas with my hair in a messy bun. No makeup. He'll love to see me like this, I thought.


Suddenly my mum called me. I practically jumped out of my bed, slamming my computer shut. "Yeah?" I said when I was out in the living room.


"Why so jumpy honey? Got a hot date coming for you?" She asked. Oh wait till she hears this I thought.


"Actually yes, just leave out the hot part." I said. My mum raised her eye brows and paused the t.v. She crossed her arms over her chest.


"What's his name?" Oh gosh wait till she find out who's taking me out, I think she'll crap myself she'll be so happy.


"Are you sure you wanna know?" I teased. She picked up a pillow and threw it at me playfully.


"Of course I do now tell me who it is!" My mum exclaimed. Okay I was done, I was finally going to tell her.


"Harry Styles!" I announced. She does exactly what I was expecting her to do. She jumps off the couch and jumps up and down like a happy child on Christmas morning. She claps her hands, and I couldn't help but laugh at her. She walked over and hugged me tight.


"I can't believe it." She said happily. I nodded my head, not understanding her excitement. "Well? Aren't you excited Summer?" She asked confused. I shrugged my shoulders.


"I mean I guess so." I said unsure.


"Well is he taking you out to dinner?" My mum asked. I scold at her.


"He better not." I said defensively. I couldn't even imagine looking at a plate full of food. Before I would even get the chance to throw it back up I'd probably throw it up just looking at it. I could only imagine all the carbs. A salad isn't even good enough. If you want to loose weight starve yourself. That was my motto ever since I started modeling. If you gained a single pound, or were even close you'd loose your career. That beautiful satin dress that the designer spent days weeks...maybe even months that he spent working on that dress that was made to fit a double zero. Gaining a pound will ruin a models career.


"Well what if he does?" My mum asked.


"Then...we'll never talk again." I said looking straight down at the floor. My mom stepped closer to me.


"Honey, maybe you should get back into school...take a break from modeling for a bit..." My mum tried to suggest. I narrowed my eyes and looked at her.


"Why would you ever even say that? Are you just jealous because I'm successful?" I prodded. My mum wasn't afraid. She stepped to me.


"No. Without me, you wouldn't be successful." She took a deep breath. "I called you out here to originally tell that, unless you go to university; you can move out. I won't be paying for you any longer."


"You won't be paying for me with my own money anymore? Great mum, well guess what? By the time I turn 18 all that money will be in my hands, so you better stop treating me like shit." A car honked outside. It was Harry, he had good timing. I left the house, my mum speechless. Not feeling bad about anything I just said. If only I would've known what would've happened then what I know now, I would've never treated her the way I did.


I stepped into Harry's car. It was a fancy sports car with a name I could never pronounce. He smiled bright. "I thought you'd ignore me and you'd let me knock on the door like the gentlemen I am, hand you this banquet of flowers, and then hopefully if this was all enough sleep with you by then end of the night." Harry said. I couldn't help but laugh. He didn't really think I'd be that easy did he? He was going to have to give me a lot more than just roses.


"You're creepy," I laughed. We drove away. I knew that he knew his way around town, so I didn't mind asking him where he was taking me unless he had dinner plans. "You're not taking me out to dinner are you?" I asked.


"No not with you looking like that. Besides how cliche would that be?" he said turning down Barker Lane.


"Just as cliche as a give who gives his date flowers with the expectation of sleeping with her as the night progresses." I said. He parked his car on the side of the road. There was pub's on the other side of the street. I was assuming that's where we were headed.


"I thought the idea was original." Harry said.


"Well you thought wrong." I started to walk across the street but Harry pulled my by my arm. He looked at me.


"We're not going to a pub." He said steering me in the direction of the woods. I jerked my arm away.


"No way, that's a little weird don't you think? I mean the fact that we barley know each other and now you want to take me into the woods? No thanks." I said. Harry's head hung in defeat. Hopefully he'll want to drive me home now, I thought. But he didn't. Instead he suggested.


"Starbucks?" How could I say no? He'd totally think I was insane since I don't do much of anything. I shrugged my shoulders.


"Whatever," I said trying to sound nonchalant even though on the inside I was going into a panic. All those calories, I'll be so fat. Dammit. There was no way I could get out of this now. I took a deep breath. It's okay all's I'll have to do is be a rude date, make him take my home and run straight to the toilet. It'll all be okay, I just can't take in too many calorie-


"You alright there?" Harry asked interupting me from my train of thought. I looked at him, it was like I was looking at a whole new person. I shook my head.


"Oh nothing, just...I-" I stumbled on my words. I didn't know what to say. By the time, I did he stopped me.


"It's okay. You don't have to tell me, lets just get some Starbucks and I'll drop you back off at home." He said. Thank God he said that.


"Sounds good," I felt myself begin to ease even though this Starbucks could be the end of my modeling career, my tensions melted when Harry held my hand as we crossed the busy cobble stone street. "So what do you usually get from here?" I asked him as we passed in front of a black car.


"Eh, I don't usually get the same thing. I always try to get something new, you know? Keeping with the same things is boring." He said as he held the door open for me. I walked in and the dim lights were comforting. I walked to go sit in the same nitch in the corner that I always sat at. He looked at me and threw his hands up.


"Well aren't you going to order?" Harry asked.


"Um, no that's the boys job! Hazlenut frapp thanks" I said sitting down in the corner. "Oh, and get me the news paper too." I called.


"Whatever you say your majesty," Harry called back. I could get used to this, I thought. I seen a news paper on the table in front of me. I picked it up and unfolded it. On the front page read 'Our Hometown hottie's got a thing for one of the biggest people in pop; Taylor Swift.' I read the article. Suposebly he and Taylor spent the week in NYC together while One Direction was on tour. The paparazzi was saying that 'they were trying to keep quiet about it.' Harry came back over and handed me my drink and placed his down...along with his cell phone.


"I'll be right back-"


"No take me home." I said defiantly.


"What? We didn't even get to talk." Harry protested. I stood up and walked over to the front doors.


"Fine then I'll work home, fine by me." I said walking past him.


"Wait, I'll take you home but what's wrong?" He asked. I knew he seen the front cover of the paper. It's half the reason he didn't put it down on the table along with the rest of the stuff.


"I know what kind of guy you are, and quite frankly; I don't want to be a part of it." I said. He ran his fingers through his hair.


"Exactly, I should've never given you the benifit of the doubt." I said as I stormed out of Starbucks throwing the Hazelnut frapp away on my way out of the swinging doors.



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