Waiting for Summer

Fresh out of college, Summer is starting her first year at university. Modeling all throughout college her mother tells her that she must go to university or her mum won't give Summer her pay checks. Forced to work, Summer gets her first real job a a bakery in town where she meets the number one person who she hates...Harry Styles. They tried dating once but it didn't work out when the rumors about Haylor were spreading. So when Harry tries to win her back, will Summer be her usual defiant independent self? Or will she give Harry a second chance? Read more to find out x


1. Falling For You

 So in depth, hold on with all of my might.
Waiting in the rain, a cold winter night.
Inhale, exhale. Calm as I am.
Hair blowing in the wind.
Somebody take my hand.
My eyes they close;
As I breathe in deep
You run through my mind
And my life is complete.
I open my eyes
But you're still not there
No one could take your place.
With you my heart I share
A cold afternoon, 
Hands as cold as ice
Thoughts go through my mind
My feelings are concise
Lying in your arms
We are the perfect match
The distance is discouraging
Yet still I am attached
Sitting by the fire,
Thinking in a distant stare
Waiting under streetlights
Nobody could compare


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