A different country every bite

This is a story about a girl named Allura, whose fate is sealed in a deadly secret, where she is found to pierce the veil between different countries and her own, when she enters the special bubblegum shop; there is no escape and her fate is revealed in time.


2. The boys' I encountered


"Come on, what are you staring at?" Carla's honey breath whipped my face, as I suddenly stopped, soothingly.

"Nothing." But inside it was everything, with just one intense gaze that felt inhumane.

"Well then!" Carla exclaimed.

As we both approached the neat and orderly atmosphere, that was our tutor room; we took our usual places, which were at the back of the room. Leticia, Megan, Ronan and Leon were waiting for us there, looking at the ground in depth. Leticia was the sweet, innocent and shy girl in the group, whereas Ronan was the wild type, along with Megan who was equally as loud and surely the craziest. Megan was classed as quite beautiful, but what distinguished us from each other, was the fact that Ronan and Leon considered me 'incredibly hot' and she couldn't quite seem to digest that. Me and Megan had been growing apart for some time now and it felt awkward between us, especially since she found out that Leon and Ronan confessed to me that they both 'really liked me'. That happened a month ago and I still haven't done anything since, even though I was sure that they were both annoyed and apprehensive about my long awaited response.


That was it though. I knew myself thoroughly, I held a weak sparkle for attention and craved being slightly wild in different intimate depths. I loved teasing, flirting and creating that strong stinging scorch that would warm the inner parts of guys. It sounded strange and I felt it, but I couldn't deny who I was; I liked getting my way, by expressing my sexuality, femininity and power.

Leticia was probably the sweetest of all of us and truth be told, she wasn't that exotic, but I gave her confidence in her personality, as she was so damn hilarious!

"Hey babe, I wanted to see you soooo bad" I loved it when he talked raunchy like that, his low groan gripping me. He moved in for a close hug, holding my hair and I felt all eyes on us. 

"Oi! Get off her, she's mine." Ronan gave him a look that wanted to stretch him apart. He hugged me again this time, pressing my bumps to him, in order to show Leon that he was the Alpha; that always flamed my passion for him, I was unconditionally  attracted to the Alpha's.

However, the mysterious dude in the corner gave me another look, as I faced his direction and I flushed with guilt and embarrassment. Why should I? That's what I thought, I mean who was this guy? He seemed kind of creepy yet healing.


The bell rang and I left the class in a dizzy state and just before I turned the corner, Megan gave me an envious stare that made me feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I headed to Music, which was my first class, I knew that Leon would be there, so I decided to wait outside and tell him the truth about what he thought was 'us'.



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