The Unknown (h.s. vampire)

One Direction is just a normal boy band, that has millions of girls falling at their feet, right? Well your wrong, what happen when 5 girls named Monique, Tori, Jessie, Kelly and Kali go backstage to meet the Fab 5, when just one trip of 'going back because I left something' comes and changes your life forever.

Copyright © harrysprincess15
All Rights Reserved 2013 - 2014


1. ♡Prologue

One Direction are vampire, and one night on their concert, a girl named Monique came to see them backstage with her bestfriends, Kelly, Tori, Jessie and Kali, so they meet them and all that stuff but when they almost on the door to leave, Monique has to go back there because she left something there so they go back but when they are on their way, they heard a scream, they look at each other scared so they go back to where they heard the scream, they open the door, not to.much so they can't be seen by the people there and when they open it they can't believe what's infront of them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So this is my first time writing a Paranormal fanfic so I'm really existing, hope You'll like it!
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