The Unknown (h.s. vampire)

One Direction is just a normal boy band, that has millions of girls falling at their feet, right? Well your wrong, what happen when 5 girls named Monique, Tori, Jessie, Kelly and Kali go backstage to meet the Fab 5, when just one trip of 'going back because I left something' comes and changes your life forever.

Copyright © harrysprincess15
All Rights Reserved 2013 - 2014


8. ♡Chapter 7 ~ Our Fate

Harry's POV


    Wow, wow. What? Love? I can't feel love. I hardly know her and I'm in love. I can't even love, I'm a monster, I kill people to live. How can I love?



    Monique was quiet. Well there goes my chance with her. Wait what? Why am I thinking this? Oh who am I kidding? I am in love with her. I feel like I have know her forever!



    Yet I only met her a day ago. It just her hair, so long and curly, now turning pink. Yeah that color looks good on her.



    "Well, well I knew it. Ok anyways we need you girls to stay with the boys from now on. Ok?" Simon said.



    "Why?" The girls asked.



    "Because I need all of you to be safe, there's danger everywhere now that you know you have powers, you girls are in more danger that before." he explained.



   They stay silenced.



    "Well you guys can go now, remember tomorrow. We go to America." he said.



    "Wait so we're coming with them?" Monique asked.



    "Yes and don't worried about your parents they already know." he said.



    "How?" Jessie asked.



    "I called them now go." he said.



    We all stood up and walk to the door. I was the last one before Simon called me.



    "Harry please sit down." he said, quietly.



     I sat down. "What is it Uncle Si?" I asked.



    "I know you love Monique, you can't denied that. So you have to be very protective of her." he said, kinda whispering.



   "Why am I even in love with her? I hardly know her and why do I have to be protective of her?" I said.



    "Because you do." he said, not explaining so much now huh?



    "You still didn't answer my first question." I said.



     Does where not the words I was expecting. I was expecting more like, love at first site. Not those, this is something I will have to question later.



   "It's simple, fate."


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