The Unknown (h.s. vampire)

One Direction is just a normal boy band, that has millions of girls falling at their feet, right? Well your wrong, what happen when 5 girls named Monique, Tori, Jessie, Kelly and Kali go backstage to meet the Fab 5, when just one trip of 'going back because I left something' comes and changes your life forever.

Copyright © harrysprincess15
All Rights Reserved 2013 - 2014


5. ♡Chapter 4 ~ Transformation

Monique POV


   I woke up in a strange room, my head was pounding like crazy, yes I have a freaking headache. I sit up looking around. So I'm in a bedroom, looks normal to me. I got out of the bed and walk to a bathroom that is in the same room as the bedroom.

   I looked myself in the mirror.

   "Oh my God!" I gasped. I don't have blue eyes anymore. I have pink and purple eyes.

   "What the hell?" I shake my head and turn on the shower and takes off my clothes. I check the temperature of the water.

   "Gosh, why is it so hot?" I turn it to cold. I check the temperature again.

   "Much better." I get in the shower. I wash my hair and my body. I rinse my hair and body and turn off the shower. I put a towel around my body and walk back to the bedroom.

   Maybe your saying 'why are you showering in a place you don't know?'. Well I do know this is One Direction's House, I can hear them downstairs. So I walk up to a closet and open it.

   Man I was lucky there's girl clothes here, maybe this is one of their girlfriend bedroom anyways I just put so pajama pants and a tank top. I put my hair into a messy bun, that didn't look good. I was never good at those stuff, I just let it dry naturally.

    I open the door, and walk into the hallway. 'Wow this place is huge' I thought.

   I walk down to the end of the hallway and found a staircase, so I went down. I was in front of the main door of the house.

   'Ok, maybe if I turn right there's an kitchen' and that's what I did, but I was wrong it was the living room.


   I heard someone call my name as I turn to see who it was. I almost fall to the floor with Tori.

   "Tori, what the hell?" I said, laughing a bit.

   "Oops, sorry sis" She smiled but then turn into shock.

   "Y-your e-eyes there pink and p-purple" she stuttered.

   "Yeah, I know. They're kind of cool though." I laughed.

   "And your hair is turning pink." she said.

   "What?" I run to a mirror that is next to a door.

   "Oh my God" I said looking again at Tori.

   "We need to call the boys, pronto" with that she ran, looking for the boys. Man my life is mess up right now.


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