The Unknown (h.s. vampire)

One Direction is just a normal boy band, that has millions of girls falling at their feet, right? Well your wrong, what happen when 5 girls named Monique, Tori, Jessie, Kelly and Kali go backstage to meet the Fab 5, when just one trip of 'going back because I left something' comes and changes your life forever.

Copyright © harrysprincess15
All Rights Reserved 2013 - 2014


4. ♡Chapter 3 ~ More Secrets

Monique's POV


    When we heard Liam talk, I knew he meant us. I started to panic.

    "Oh my god, what are we gonna do?" Jessie said.

    We we're all afraid.

    "Oh I have an idea, let's just get out of here!" Tori said running to the exit.

    We all follow her till we got knock over by someone.

   I started to stand up, to be push to the wall and pin by something or someone. I open my eyes to see Harry pinning me to the wall.

   "Harry!" I whispered.

   I can't believe Harry is a vampire, well if you has seen twilight, vampires are actually kinda cool but they are myth. Well I thought wrong about that they are myth like hello I have a vampire infront of my face. I will be crazy if I said this is just a dream because it isn't.

   I snap back to reality when Harry started to kiss my neck.

  "H-Harry" I moan. Wait a minute I MOANED, WHAT THE HELL? I HAVE TO BE SCARED BUT NO IHAVE TO FUCKING ENJOY THIS. I'm seriously messed up. I felt Harry smirk before I knew it I feel his fangs digging into my skin.

   I try to scream but it came as a whisper.

   "What the hell?" I thought. I can't scream, I can't get out of his grip, this was my end.

   When I feel my eyes getting heavier by the second, I feel someone pulling away Harry as I fall to the room, before everything was black, I saw those beautiful green eyes as I black out.




Harry's POV


   I saw her falling to the floor, I couldn't help but knee beside her. She saw me and black out, ugh how could I be so stupid. Why the hell do I have to bite her?. If it wasn't for Zayn, she'll be dead right.

   I feel something cold and wet running down my cheek, I wipe away my tears. I haven't cry in a long time, and now I'm crying because of a girl I hardly even knew. I feel my phone go off so I pick it up.

  "Hello?" I said.

   "Harry come to the office with the boys NOW!" With that Simon hung up.

   "Who was that?" Niall said.

   "Simon, he wants us to come to the office like now." I said.

   "Well, let's go, let's take the girls too y'all we" Liam said.

   "Yeah." we said in unison.

   I took Monique bride style and run to Simon's office. Obviously with my vampire speed I was there in second. Liam came after me with a girl that has blue eyes and brown hair and pink highlight. Louis came after Liam with a girl that had long curly brown hair and blue eyes and seriously she had curves and after Louis was Niall and Zayn.

   Zayn was with a girl that had long black hair and brown eyes and Niall well you know what girl, the one with the blonde hair and blue eyes. All of the girls have blue eyes except the girl that Zayn has.

   We told them to stay in the waiting room and they nodded their head. They we're to scared to talk anyways.

   We enter the office and sat down. Simon was looking at me like I have done something bad. Yeah I did I almost killed a girl if he meant that.

   "Yes Harry you did something bad!" Simon said snapping away from my daydream.

   Almost forgot he can read minds, his a vampire too, so that's why. Sometimes I hate that he can read minds, is like I can't never tell a lie.

  "Stop it, Harry now on to what I want to talk about." Simon said.

   "What's wrong Uncle Si? What did Harry do?" Louis said.

   "Well let's said I know he bit a girl that can't be bitten" Simon said.

   "You mean Monique? what's so special about her? " I said.

   "Harry... she's more than you think she is." he said.

   "What is she? Vampire? Werewolf? Hybrid? Witch?" I said, desperately to know some answers.

   "No, she's not either of those things but she's holds the power of something very powerful" he said looking at us

   "What power?" Zayn said.

   "I don't know but now that we know that she helds such power, we need to protect her and her friends." he sighed.

   "Why her friends too? Not that I'm complaining." Niall said, oh Niall.  I know what you're doing.

   "Yeah, her friends has powers too, sorry boys I need to go now, tomorrow I'll tell you everything ok" he said, standing up and with that he left. So those girls aren't just some fan girls, they are special girls.

   We walk out of the office and told the girls that we need to got to our house so that they are coming with us. We again used our vampire speed to get there.

   We enter and I place Monique on the couch and watch her sleep. She's still very pale but maybe that's her skin color.

   When I was about to head out of the living room. Monique opened her eyes, I was happy that I didn't kill her but scared in what I saw. Her eyes weren't her blue ones, they were bright pink with purple.

   When I sat next to her she was still looking to the sealing, she was still laying down so that'd why. All the sudden she gasp and looks at me standing up. I felt dizzy, and I can see that Monique did too.

   I try not to felt back, but I couldn't I felt back next to Monique that had black out again before.

   Before I black out I heard everyone yelling and running to the living room then every went black.

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