The Unknown (h.s. vampire)

One Direction is just a normal boy band, that has millions of girls falling at their feet, right? Well your wrong, what happen when 5 girls named Monique, Tori, Jessie, Kelly and Kali go backstage to meet the Fab 5, when just one trip of 'going back because I left something' comes and changes your life forever.

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3. ♡Chapter 2 ~ Dark Secrets

Here's chapter 2, hehe enjoy











Harry's POV (A/N: You didn't saw that coming did you)





~Before the concert, backstage~




"Ugh I'm hungry, can we go on a hunt before we go on? " Niall groans.



"No Niall, hang in there will eat soon, don't be a baby" Louis said while putting on his TOMS.



"After we finish we get a girl from the crowd, right?" Niall said.



"I don't know, I don't want to keep killing people" Liam said.



"C'mon Liam, if we don't kill we can't live, I hate killing people too but if we don't eat we don't live" I said.



"Ok ok fine" Liam said.



Paul came in from the lounge "Five minutes, still show time boys" he said.



"Okay" we all said in unison.




With that he left.



"Does my hair looks ok?" Zayn said.



"Good God Zayn you with your hair and yes it looks good stop worrying about it mate" Louis said.



We all laughed.




~5 minutes later~




"Your up boys" Paul said handing us our mics.



We all cheer, we love being on stages.



We waited for our cue, so when we go it, we immediately run to stage.



I looked at the crowd and saw the most gorgeous blue/green eyes I have ever seen.



"Ready to have some fun" I shouted and winked at her. I can see she went crazy, yep definitely a directioner.



We started singing Heart Attack.



"Tonight is going to be different I know it" I thought.





~After the show, Backstage~



We were all knackered.



"How long till we finish with the backstage passes?" I asked.



"Only five more Harry" Paul said and let five girls enter the lounge. That's when I saw her, the girl with those gorgeous eyes, now that I can see her, her long curly dirty blonde hair I can see she straightened, and she has an amazing body.



I was looking her up and down, when she turned around and saw me checking her out. She blush, oh god even when she blush she looked cute.



"Harry" Niall said snapping his fingers.



"What?.. oh sorry Niall"



"Mhmm stop drooling over that girl Harry"






"And you look like a tomato " Niall laughed.



"Shut up, like you don't like that girl" I said pointing to the girl with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. I have to admit she's pretty damn hot but I could see she has something for Niall the way she looks at him said it all.



"I- ummm" Niall said rubbing the back of his neck, blushing.



"Is ok Niall now we're even"



He laughed. "I'm still hungry though"



"We will eat soon ok"



"Ok fine" He said walking to that girl that keeps checking him out.



I made myself to that girl with those amazing eyes.



"Hi" I said.



She turned around and smiled.



"H-hey" she smiled looking at the ground.



Oh she's so adorable... SNAP OUT OF IT STYLES ugh I couldn't just look at her so innocent, and does eyes there's something different they are like blue but with green and grey in it. I just couldn't stop looking at them and those lips. Those beautiful plum lips ugh I just want to kiss her so bad... WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU STYLES? YOU JUST MET HER YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HER NAME! Oh that reminds me I have to ask for her name and number.



"What's your name, love?"



She blushed and said "Monique"



"Beautiful name, Monique"



"Is French for Monica" she smiled



"Even more beautiful" I smiled.



She giggles, oh my God even her voice is like an angel.




~ after the backstage passes~




"Finally, we get to eat" Niall said.



We call some girl, to you know eat. She think is for something else little does she knows she'll be dead in a matter of seconds.



"Hello?" a girl enters.



"Hey" Louis said smirking.



And here we go, going to kill another innocent life but if we don't eat, we don't live.



I appear behind her and took her from behind and sunk my fangs into her. The blood was sweet, after I start drinking from her, the other boys join in, drinking the poor girl dry.



I heard the door open but I thought it was Paul so I keep drinking still I heard Liam said.



"Oh boys, we have visitors."






Hey again so this is like the first chapter but in Harry's point of view. So yeah, you see now Harry got a think for Monique and Niall, well Niall got a thing for Kelly.






Lots of love

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