I'll Be Gone

Humanity is coming to an end, it's our job to stop that from happening. I'm Erin, I live in the run down,ruins of Grimmswell, but I want to escape but beyond these walls its nothing but chaos. What would I find? Who will I find? and what stories will we share....?


2. Escaping Can Be Hell

November 13th, 2013

I look around my dark empty bedroom. It's been twelve years since the horrid, bone breaking earthquake that had swept the world. I wasn't the little, happy girl everyone had come to know anymore, I'm now more of a woman then a girl. I sit up in my bed and look out the window at the stupid barbed wired fence that keeps me from the one thing I long for. Freedom.

Grimmswell has changed a lot since 2001, well the town is still damaged but not as horrible as it was years before. The laws are this worse things here! The number one rule though is to NEVER leave town, I'm still going to risk it. All I've ever wanted was to leave this place they call a home, half of the people here don't even have a home. I know the cost is my life on the line but it's worth it.

I hop up from my bed and go to the closet pulling out my black combat boots, my good pair of black leggings, a white tank top along with my pink/red plaid shirt and a black jean jacket.

After I get myself dressed I start packing a small bag with some food, a first aid kit, a new change of clothes, and lastly some weapons such as rifals, knives, and a back up gun strapped underneath my pant leg. I don't know what I'm about to walk into today but I'm positive it's hell....

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