It Starts at Seat Number 56

Yes! I've been waitng for months to see Ellen Degeneres live and here I am in seat number 56! About 30 minutes in Ellen said there was a serprise. "Whoever is in seat number 56 would you please stand up and come up here."
Holy crap thats me. So I stood up and walked towrdes the blonde hired woman. I wonder what my surprise is...


6. Uhh I Better Check On The Cookies

Meredith’s P.O.V.

“Phhhtt that’s not you guys.” I said awkwardly. Oh god there’s no way we can get out of this one is there? I mean their faces are all over our god damn wall! How the fuck are we supposed to explain this?

“Okay fine, we think you guys are great! When we have a bad day your music picks us back up again. You make us happy.” I said hoping that, that would work. Yes that was true what I said but the real reason why their faces are on our wall is just simply because their faces are fucking amazing!!

“Well thank you but I call bullshit. There’s more too it then that.” Louis said with a smug look, getting closer with his eyebrows raised.

“Maybe…” I said looking at the now very interesting ground avoiding eye contact maybe just hoping he’ll leave.

“Then what is it?” Louis asked again. Well shit.

“We may just… you know… really enjoy… your faces…” I said in a low tone that’s barely audible and twiddling with my thumbs.

“I KNEW IT!” cheered Liam.

Harry’s P.O.V.

She’s so cute when she’s awkward. She refuses to make eye contact with anybody, and crimson creeping up on her pale skin of her cheeks. I walk over to her to get a closer look at her sparkling hazel eyes and tiny figure.

“I for one am flattered.” I said hoping she’ll look up into my brown eyes dying for the need of hers.

“w-what?” She asked with confusion.

“I’m flattered, the fact that you guys think we’re attractive enough to you know… cover your wall.” I chuckled.

“Oh, well, I guess…. You‘re welcome…” She crinkled her eyebrows.

I leaned in close to her face to hear her breathing become more rapid. I smirked and went to her ear.

“You’re cute when you’re awkward.” I whispered so only she could hear me.

“Uhhhhh, Oh what was that? Oh hey did you hear that? Our cookies must be done. Bye!” She quickly fled the room. I really want to take her out but she will just leave the room as soon as I say something. She needs to get out of my head and fall into my arms instead.

Niall’s P.O.V.

I see Irina just sitting there playing on her phone, tilting from side to side. She’s obviously embarrassed because she refuses to look up and is playing a racing game on her phone. I mean I would be too, at least a third of that wall has my face on it. I take out my phone and go over to her and sit beside her and pull up temple run and tilt my phone from side to side with her.

“Oh… Hi.” She finally spoke in a very quiet tone.

“Hello. What are you playing love?” I asked looking into her deep dark hazel eyes.

“Subway surfers. You?” She asked with a bit more volume to her voice.

“Temple run.” I responded not looking away from her eyes.

“Sounds like fun.” She giggled.

“Kinda. You know you’re very pretty.” I said. I couldn’t hold it back anymore I had to tell her. She so beautiful I can’t breathe around her. The way she flips her hair gets me overwhelmed.

“Uhh Meredith must need help with those cookies!” She said wide eyed and shot up like a weed and ran out of the room. Gosh Niall why did you have to do and say that?! If I’m louder would you hear me?

Zayn’s P.O.V.

I saw Iris about to leave the room before anyone could notice her. Too late.

“Iris wait.” I said grabbing her hand.

“What?” She said while pink was overwhelming her cheeks. I look down at her hand in mine and smile.

“Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me.” I smirked knowing my cleverness.

“Uhhh if I don’t go help them they will probably catch on fire.” she said trying to get away from the awkwardness but I pulled her back in.

“I want to drive all night to keep you warm. But every time I tell you that I want more you just close the door.” She just stood there frozen. Okay now’s your opportunity Zayn… Kiss her. So I slowly leaned in and pressed my lips against hers and placed my hands on her hips. She soon pulled away.

“I’m sorry Zayn I can’t. Or at least just not at this point in time.” She said with a sad look and dropped my hand and left the room. I just wanna be your last first kiss.

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