It Starts at Seat Number 56

Yes! I've been waitng for months to see Ellen Degeneres live and here I am in seat number 56! About 30 minutes in Ellen said there was a serprise. "Whoever is in seat number 56 would you please stand up and come up here."
Holy crap thats me. So I stood up and walked towrdes the blonde hired woman. I wonder what my surprise is...


4. Phhht That's Not You Guys...

Harry’s P.O.V.

I really want to see the rest of the house it seems nice and cozy.

“Hey do you mind if I look around?” I asked the three girls politely.

“Yeah sure, make yourself at home.” Meredith said with her cute little half smile.

“Wait! Meredith, what about the…..” Iris looks around and whispers I think: “The posters…”

“OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THERE’S SOMETHING THEY DON’T WANT US TO SEE LET’S FIND IT!” I yelled and laughed at the same time and ran down the hall along with the rest of the boys.

“Wait!!” Meredith yelled but none of us stopped see what she had to say. We came to three different doors and another hallway.

“Okay Niall, Zayn, us three will look in these rooms, Louis, Liam, you guys go down the hall and see if they have anything down there. OKAY GO GO GO!” I yelled and clapped my hands, we had to hurry if we wanted to find what they were trying to hide.

I stepped into a blue walled room with a large bed, a dresser, large windows, a poster of the boys and I with red kissy marks around Zayn’s face, a mirror with a desk and make up spread around on it, another picture of Zayn, twinkley lights around the head board of the bed and a few other things. Hmmm I wonder who’s room this is. Let’s do some investigating shall we? Okay there’s a necklace with an I on it so it could be Irina or Iris. Which I’m happy about because I quite like Meredith but I’ll get into that later. Okay lets look through make up, sparkly stuff, goopy stuff, pointy things, aha! Foundation stuff thingy… it’s a dark tan color and there’s a leopard print shirt in hanging off the bed poast so it must be Iris’ room! Oooooo she likes Zayn. Wait then why isn’t she flirting back with him?

Niall’s P.O.V.

I walked into a purple walled room with two small windows, lamps, a medium sized bed just enough room for two people to cuddle on ;). There are drawings on the floor and an isle with paint on it. This must be Irina’s room. Well what do we have here? A drawing of me, a picture of me with hearts on it. Hmmmm I like this. I stand in the middle of the room being happy knowing that Irina likes me.

Zayn’s P.O.V.

I walked into a lime green walled room with a large bed, two large windows, beetles records on the wall, an acoustic and an electric guitar in the corner on stands. A few Band t-shirts were on the floor, a desk and a mirror on it with make up scattered around the desk. And written on the mirror in red lipstick it says: That’s what makes you beautiful! There was a cupcake decorating book on the nightstand, this must be Meredith’s room and I guess she likes Harry’s face. There’s a few pictures scattered around her bright green walls.

Louis’ P.O.V.



In this room that looks like its just for hanging out due to the fluffy couches and T.V. there is something interesting on and around the wall.

“What?” Harry called as he entered the room along with the rest of the boys and as if on queue all of their mouths dropped open to the sight on the wall. This wall was covered in posters of the one and only, us. But oh no, not only are there posters but there’s cutouts… of all of us…

“Gee you don’t suppose that there big fans so you?” Liam asked sarcastically.

“AHHHHHHHH” I heard three girl screams coming from the other end of the room.

“Care to explain ladies?” I asked smugly with a pleased smile dancing on my lips.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh” Is all what Iris and Irina said.

“Phhht… that’s not you guys…” Meredith said trying to get out of this awkward situation.

“Oh hey look a nice wall!” She continued and turned around to pretend that the plain white wall was very interesting. “It’s a very pretty wall, don’t ya think?” she asked.

“I think we’re all much more interested in that wall over there.” Liam said pointing the wall littered with our faces.

“Uhhhhhhhh…” They all said.

They’re not getting out of this one I smiled to myself.

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