It Starts at Seat Number 56

Yes! I've been waitng for months to see Ellen Degeneres live and here I am in seat number 56! About 30 minutes in Ellen said there was a serprise. "Whoever is in seat number 56 would you please stand up and come up here."
Holy crap thats me. So I stood up and walked towrdes the blonde hired woman. I wonder what my surprise is...


11. I Will Chop His Balls Off

Meredith’s P.O.V.

“You can be beautiful, wonderful, anything you wanna be ohhhh little me.”

My alarm clock went off.

“uggggggg” I growled.

I made an alarm to gut up every morning to go running. You see I don’t run… I hate it, it’s too hard. However, my doctor told me I need to exercise my knee due the surgery I had when I was younger is now showing some complications. Anyway it’s 9:00 AM and I woke up on the floor with my head on a curly haired boy’s chest. I can get used to that…

I got up from the floor to get dressed for running and maybe go to the gym. Eh who am I kidding… I’m not going to the gym. I go through my drawers and grab my purple running tank top and black yoga leggings. I quickly change hoping Harry doesn’t wake up in the process. I walk out of my room to get to the front of the house where we keep our shoes and grab my sneakers. I put on my shoes and go to the kitchen to get a power bar and a bottle of water. As I was in the fridge looking for a water bottle and stretching at the same time Iris and Irina seemed to have walked in due to the fact they are destructive in the morning. They get out bowls for oatmeal and slam them on the counter without a worry of it breaking.

“What the hell are you doing?” Irina asked in her usual morning voice.

“Oh, I’m going to go for a run.” I say with a smile.

Irina and Iris look at each other for a few seconds then break out into a huge fit of laughter.

“What?!” I ask slightly irritated after a solid two minutes of laughter.

“Yy- O- You ddon’t r- run!” Iris said gasping for breath.

“You wouldn’t even run if someone was chasing you.” Irina added.

“I would too!” I argued but knowing it’s true.

“You know you wouldn’t.” Irina smiled.

“Okay fine.” I surrendered.

“Why are you running anyways?” Iris asked.

“My doctor recommended it to help my knee.” I explained

“OOOHHHHHH” They said in unison.

“Well I’m going to go.” I said and went out the front to and started jogging down the street with my music at a fairly loud volume.

Iris’ P.O.V.

“I give her ten minutes until she realizes why she doesn’t run.” I said.

“Oh put some faith in the girl. Giver her twelve minutes.” Irina laughed.

“Morning!” Four wide awake shirtless boys emerged into the kitchen.

“I could get used to this wake up call.” I whispered to Irina.

“Y-y-yeah, me- me-me too.” Irina stuttered at the wonderful sight in our kitchen.

Each of them were raiding every cupboard, pantry, fridge drawer the could open. Liam was starting to make pancakes, Zayn got some cereal, Louis got some carrots, and Niall… well he got as much food he could carry in his arms.

“Where’s Harry?” I asked realizing the curly haired cheeky boy isn’t here.

“I thought he was already up. He wasn’t in the living room when we woke up.” Louis said slightly concerned.

“We haven’t seen him.” Irina stated.

“I’ll go look for him.” I offered.

“Please find my Hazzabear!” Louis cried.

I walk all around the house and I cant find him! There’s one more place to check and if he’s there he better still have his pants on or I will chop his balls off! I slowly open the door to Meredith’s room to see a mop of brown curls on the floor with a blanket over the bottom half of his body. But what do I see here! NO SHIRT! I would check to see if he’s wearing pants but I don’t need to be scared for the rest of my life if he’s not. I slowly close the door and walk out to the kitchen again with crazy thoughts in my head. I swear to god if he touched her I will personally kill him.

“Did you find him?” I heard an Irish voice ask.

“What? Oh, uhhh n-no..” I stuttered out.

“Iris… what did you see?” Zayn placed his hand on my shoulder as I avoid all eye contact from everyone in the room.

“Just come with me.” I said plainly and walked to Meredith’s room bu before I could put my hand on the knob Louis spoke up.

“OH GOD HE BETTER NOT HAVE CHEATED ON ME! HAZZA!?” He busted through the door.

“What!!” Harry bolted up off the floor in a complete panic but I was relieved to see that he had his pants on.

“Oh, good you’re wearing pants.” Zayn said under his breath.

“HAZZA!!!” Louis yelled and jumped on Harry.

Harry’s P.O.V.

I woke up on the ground to the sound of the door closing. I look to my left to sadly see that Meredith isn’t there. I figured she wouldn’t be here when I woke up. But I hardly had any time to get upset when four boys and two girls who looked like they were ready to kill me burst through the door. Due to the sudden burst of sound I shot up to my feet to only be tackled to the ground by boo-bear. But my question still remains… Where the hell did Meredith go?

“Where’s Meredith?” I finally asked.

“She went funning like ten minutes ago. Surprised she’s not back yet.” Irina giggled.

“Okay. Well you guys can go.” I practically pushed all of them out of the room.

Okay well it looks like I’m going running. I quickly go to the living room and change into my black track pants and white t-shirt and slip on my running shoes.

“Alright I’m going to go running you guys. Be back later!” I said as I ran past all of them in the dining area. I could hear someone asking me a question but it was too late, I’m already out the door to find Meredith and ask her something. I started sprinting down the street hoping it’s the right way.

Zayn’s P.O.V.

It’s been thirteen minutes sense Harry ran out the door and it’s just Iris and I sitting at the table while everyone else is getting dressed.

“So, uhh, how was your morning?” I asked not knowing how to break the awkward silence between us.

“Um kind of weird.” She giggled.

“Yeah a little bit.” I chuckled.

“Hey Zayn Irina is going to take all of us exploring do you want to go?” Niall asked.

“No thanks I’m fine.” I stated.

“Iris do you want to come.”

“No I’m fine as well.” She responded.

“Okay well we’re going to leave then.”

“Okay have fun!” I said as they all walked out the door into what seems like a down poor. I hope Harry and Meredith are okay.

“So do you want to do anything today?” I asked the gorgeous girl across form me.

“No it just started to rain. Seems like a good day to watch movies!” She got up with a slight spring of happiness.

“Do you want me to join?”

“Sure, come on.” She motioned me to the living room.

She put in some chick flick that I had no interest in watching but I get to sit with her so it’s not all bad.

(Thirty Minutes Later…)

Due to the sheer boredom of this movie I have been looking out the big window the overlooks the street. I have noticed the same white car has passed may times and something about this is giving me a bad feeling. I take the remote and pause the movie.

“What?” Iris asked with confusion blurred in her face.

“I don’t mean to alarm you but there has been a white car that has passed your house many times in the past half hour.” I explained.

She went wide eyed and pale in the matter of seconds.

“Is it a white Honda civic? Looks like the 2008 model?” She asked with fear hidden in her voice.

“ Yes it looks like it.”

“With a Baseball sticker on the back window?” She sounded even more frightened.

“Yes I believe so.”

She looked frozen with fear and quickly ran up to the door and locked it, locked all the windows, closed all the curtains, and turned off the T.V.

“What’s going on?” I asked confused.

“Not good, not good, not good…” She mumbled under her breath but still didn’t answer my question.

“What’s not good?!” I grabbed her by the shoulders and saw nothing but fear blinding her.

“H-h-he’s back.” Was all what she could choke out.

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