It Starts at Seat Number 56

Yes! I've been waitng for months to see Ellen Degeneres live and here I am in seat number 56! About 30 minutes in Ellen said there was a serprise. "Whoever is in seat number 56 would you please stand up and come up here."
Holy crap thats me. So I stood up and walked towrdes the blonde hired woman. I wonder what my surprise is...


7. Holy Crap That's Hot!

Iris’ P.O.V.

What the hell was that?!?! I thought to myself as I was spacing out into the perfectly pointed white corner of our kitchen ceiling.

“Iris, are you okay?” Irina asked with concerned eyes and waving her hand in front of my face.

“Huh? Oh, yeah I’m fine…” I shrugged off and looked back at the ceiling.

“Did something happen?” Meredith asked holding a fresh hot pan of raspberry macaroons.

“Uhh… Yeahhh…Zayn may have… kinda… kissed me…” I said now looking at the hardwood floor.

“Did you kiss him back?” Irina asked.

“No, I got scared and said I can’t right now and ran out of the room. God I feel so stupid.”

“Don’t worry, Zayn doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who seems to give up that easy.” Meredith said to me with an obvious wink.

“Neither does Harry.” I said and mocked her wink

Irina was just standing there giggling.

“Same with Niall!” I giggled.

“Well we will see what happens.” Meredith said with a mischievous look.

“See if what happens?” Harry popped up out of nowhere while Meredith stood there wide eyed and looking for a way out.

“Hey look fresh raspberry macaroons!” She quickly picked up a raspberry macaroon that just came out of the oven and shoved it into her mouth.

“MOTHER FUCKER!! OH DAMN THAT’S HOT!!!” Meredith yelled while spitting out the cookie.

“But yummy…” She said trying to cover up her outburst. We all just burst into laughter while Meredith turned a bright crimson. A few seconds later the rest of the boys came in.

“What happened?! I heard yelling!” Zayn asked concerned.

“Meredith just ate a hot cookie.” Irina responded

“And I burnt the living shit out of my mouth!” Meredith added.

“Oh, I thought something bad happened. That or Harry took his shirt off, I know how much you like that.” Zayn gave a deep chuckle with a smirk.

“What do you mean by that Zayn?” Harry asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“Oh, You didn’t see all the posters in her room?” Zayn chirped

“Zayn shut up!” Meredith warned

“I would like to see these, Zayn lead the way.” Harry said with a smirk dancing around his lips.

“NO!” Meredith yelled and jumped in front of Harry.

“Okay I guess you’re coming with.” Harry said happily.

“Wait, what?” Meredith asked but before she could get an answer Harry picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

“Hey put me down!!” Meredith yelled until they disappeared around the corner.

“Well I bet she’s having fun.” Irina laughed and gave me an elbow bump with a wink.

“Oh boy will she ever.”

Harry’ P.O.V.

So here I am with a cute red headed girl over my shoulder who I quite fancy and I’m about to see her room which apparently has posters of me and some without my shirt. We shall see. I smirked to myself.

“Hey let me down!” Meredith yelled once more but with a playful giggle.

“Not until I see your room!” I laughed.

“But you cant! I will not allow it!” She said trying to sound more serious but it didn’t work at all.

“Too late here we are.” I said excitedly.

“Okay, you ready?” Zayn asked



“Too late.” Zayn said as he turned the door knob.

Her room was fairly large and was lime green. There was two large windows letting the sunset stream through. She had an acoustic and an electric guitar in the corner, She had placed Beatle’s records around her walls and there they were… The posters of all of us and a lot of just me and yes, some without my shirt.

“Nice room you’ve got here.” I told her.

“Uhhh thanks but all the blood is rushing to my head, I would greatly appreciate it if you put me down now.” She said calmly.

“Oh yeah! Sorry.” I chuckled and put her back on her feet. She was facing towards me with her small frame and looked up at me and smiled. Her eyes are so beautiful, I could just look at them for hours and never get bored. However there’s something in her eyes that shows that she has been trough stuff, pain. All what I wanted to do at that moment was kiss her but I think that, that would be a little too forward.

“Ehem” Zayn cleared his throat loudly so it would snap us out of our trance.

“Well, anyways this is my room, okay now lets go!” Meredith said franticly.

“There’s something else isn’t there?” I asked suspiciously.

“no…” she stared at the floor.

“Check the closet!!” I told Zayn and he quickly opened it and a very familiar cardboard face fell out.

“NO!” Meredith yelled.

“Is that a cutout of me?” I asked kind of creped out but entertained at the same time.

“Yes but Iris and Irina got it for me on my birthday as a joke.” she explained.

“That’s why it stays on the closet; it’s a tad creepy.” She said in a hushed tone.

“Eh, I think its pretty cute.” I laughed and but my arm around her.

Zayn’s P.O.V

Harry seems to really like Meredith and Meredith seems to like Harry quite a bit. They would be cute together. So would Niall and Irina. But Iris and I would be the cutest and I’m determined to get her to like me. I mean after all we’re on a year long break besides some interviews. I hope that I can get her. And with that Iris walked into her room across the hall. I need to talk to her about the kiss.

I walked out of Meredith’s room and over to Iris’. I knocked on the door.

“Come in!” She said sweetly. I Opened the door and saw posters of me on the walls and her in coming out of her closet.

“Oh, Zayn… What’s up?” She asked nervously.

“I need to talk to you about that kiss.” I said leaning against the blue wall.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” She said with a blank expression and tried to flee the room.

“No, I really need to talk to you.” I’m not letting her go this time without getting an explanation.

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