jake and derek are stragers in the same collage and dont know eachother but until they meet do u think its gonna be love at first site?......


2. Next Day...(Jake's Pov)

Today is the big day!! I saw Derek was still sleeping so I got up quietly and made coffee for both of us. I started to see Derek get up so I sat on his bed holding the cup of coffee and surprised him. Derek sat up and took the coffee and smiled at me and said thnx oh how I loved that smile. So I started to go and get ready for today and while Derek finished his coffee. I took a shower and got dressed and when I opened the door I saw Derek making breakfast :) He is so sweet. I said "what are you doing?"Derek said making breakfast for us with that smile on his face that I loved so much. I said "why don't you go and get ready i'll finish" he just looked at me and smiled ok.


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