Tallie has always been normal. Just a girl at school living with her mum.
But that's all changing now.
After her mother was murdered, and the murderer never charged, she took matters of law into her own young hands. But it all went wrong. She's got to escape before everyone realises the crime she's commited. Living in a hut on a deserted moorland is her only option. Until David arrives.
He can help her; he's a police man, the only one on her side. Soon Tallie is deeply in love with David, but is he all he says to be? Or is he in fact the very man she is running from?


10. The river

At last, the sun makes an appearance, its cheery face playing peek-a-boo between the clouds. I wish it would actually produce some heat though, as my toes are not faring well with the low temperatures. The edge of the river is slippery with wet mud, and my feet can't grip. Suddenly, without warning, I topple over and head straight into the water.  As I break the surface, everything spins and the world is blurry. Gasps rise in my throat, but they never leave my mouth, because the water has hold over my lips. I'm so cold that I can't feel it, but somehow I can sense it there, in my bones.

Thrashing my arms upwards, I grope around, feeling a rock. My strength has all but disappeared, though I manage to flail about with my legs, until my face comes up again. I never realised how much I need the air.

Now I'm sitting, I realise that my rucksack has disappeared. It is on the rock above me, hanging off by the side of one strap; it must have fallen off when I slipped, as the clips aren't quite secure. My suitcase is sitting in the mud, sinking slowly. I wrench myself out of the mud, and , despite my sodden clothing, make a dash for the case. I reach it just before the mud reaches the zip. Dragging it up, I see that the mud has crept into the clothing section. Oh well, it was never going to work, having a whole suitcase. 

I may have sorted the suitcase, but my wet clothes are not going to dry themselves. There is no-one about, so I decide to just scrap them. Quickly, I hurry over to a tree and whip off all my clothes. The air stings my bare skin, so I grab from the case a pair of thick leggings, a t-shirt, a slightly frumpy old jumper, and some thick socks. I'll have to walk in my soaking shoes, but that's life. My coat is full of water, but I squeeze the most part out of it, and shove it on. At least it keeps the wind out.

I have nearly reached the end of the trail the map has set for me, but to actually find a place to set up camp, that's another story. One that may take a while to finish.

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