Tallie has always been normal. Just a girl at school living with her mum.
But that's all changing now.
After her mother was murdered, and the murderer never charged, she took matters of law into her own young hands. But it all went wrong. She's got to escape before everyone realises the crime she's commited. Living in a hut on a deserted moorland is her only option. Until David arrives.
He can help her; he's a police man, the only one on her side. Soon Tallie is deeply in love with David, but is he all he says to be? Or is he in fact the very man she is running from?


17. Shock

I stumble backwards but David catches my wrist in his warm palm. His face looks overly pained, almost fake, but I don't think it is. I just can't believe I heard those words. He thinks I'm beautiful. No more am I nice and I was never pretty. Instead, I'm beautiful. Something inside me pushes against the emotions and manages to say something to break the boiling tension.

" you really mean it?" I shuffle in his tight grip and he loosens it off.

"More than ever before, Tallie." There it is again, Tallie. My 'name' is Terri, or so David always said, so how come he keeps swapping?

"I'm Terri. But thanks." David looks to the grass and bites his lip. He looks back up at me and says:

"Please, Terri, I...I just can't think of anything but...well, you. I need you." His eyes are back to looking desperate.

"But I'm just a seventeen year-old, pretty ordinary random girl who you've spoken to a couple of times! How come you need me so badly? I mean, I'm not saying you shouldn't..." I falter, not quite able to push him right away, "but...still."

"Ever heard at first chat?" David seems intent on keeping things light, and yet he's acting so serious. I just don't get him. Everything's so weird these days. Regret sweeps through me but I shove it down before it reaches a high level. Why was I such an idiot? I just decided that the postman had killed my mother. He could have been completely and utterly innocent, yet I just went on in there and stabbed him. In the heart, where it hurts most.

I have a feeling David's heart is starting to hurt right now.

"No, but I'm...sure it exists. Oh, David, everything is just so complicated now! I don't know what's going on ever since I came here. What I mean is, I do like you, it's just I can't like you. And I can't even tell you why." His eyes droop, but I see a slight glint. Something's not right here. Something is definitely not right.

But I don't have time to think anymore because at this moment David leans in and his lips touch mine. Everything explodes in my head and I sway on my feet. Damn you, Tallie, you knew this would happen...

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