Tallie has always been normal. Just a girl at school living with her mum.
But that's all changing now.
After her mother was murdered, and the murderer never charged, she took matters of law into her own young hands. But it all went wrong. She's got to escape before everyone realises the crime she's commited. Living in a hut on a deserted moorland is her only option. Until David arrives.
He can help her; he's a police man, the only one on her side. Soon Tallie is deeply in love with David, but is he all he says to be? Or is he in fact the very man she is running from?


20. Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Hi there, I'm Tallie McGuire, I have dark purple hair, pond-green eyes and a life that's taken a turn for the worst.

So far, though I can't be bothered to write every little detail down, things have been pretty hectic. My mother was murdered.

Yeah. Not cool.

Anyway, I was such a stupid idiot, who thought I would jump to conclusions and  go murder the local postman just because I found an envelope on the carpet. I know, stupid, huh?

So he's dead now, but I'm stuffed; the police questioned me and I realised that they suspected me. Really suspected me.

So I ran off, escaped. Though it meant I had to tell my Aunt Saya I was committing suicide through a pathetic note left on the table. So she thinks I'm dead, but whilst I was travelling up to where I am now, I saw the policeman-who'd-questioned-me's assistant at the station. He got on the same train as me and I had to run to the bus stop to get out of his sight.

I think the police know I'm alive.

But I got here okay, and the food I brought has lasted me for a week and a few days now, so I'm doing good.

Except I met this guy, David. Me and him are sorta...yeah, you know, together. The trouble is, he likes me more than I like him and also...he's a police officer. Yes, I know, it's really dangerous, but I'm hoping we can get by and he'll never know.

Well, that's all for now, I'll get back to you later...even though you're not real.


Bye, Tallie M.

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