When in Rome

Maddie and Shauri were best friends since as long as they can remember. Now they are both 18 and staight A students in high school. One day they both get accepted to nyms ( new york music school) for collage becuase they both play lots of instuments. but one day when they get called to play new york music hall, the conductor says that on direction will be in the audience today. Maddie ans Shauri screamed and flipped out, but not because they love them, because they hate them.... - shauri and maddie <3


2. Head first

Madds Pov:

"Is everything ok girls? Is there a problem?" Mr.Clements asked. "No, no there's not a problem, but why is one direction coming?" i said a bit disappointed, wondering why it couldn't have been someone else."Well, their manager called and said the boys need to learn more about classical music" he said "oh" "and girls I almost forgot to tell you that you will be teaching them to play the piano while they are in New York" He said, thinking we would be pleased "oh no" i said under my breath so he couldn't hear me. Its not like me and Shauri don't like playing the piano, we love it. We absolutely hate one direction.(me and Maddie have nothing against one direction! we love them!) "well thank you very very much for this, lets go mads" shauri said. I knew she wanted to talk about this while we walked home." thank you Mr.Clements!" we both blurted out at the same time."well thank you girls! see you at the concert! ill send you the details this weekend!"he seemed very happy," bye!" shauri and i said as we walked out.

Shauri pov:

we stepped into the elevator. "What are we going to do? i, i mean we hate one direction and we cant afford to loose this scholarship.." i blurted out because we were the only ones in the lift."I guess we will have to just go with it" Maddie said. i knew she was mad. her cheek's were tomato red which made her green/blue eyes pop more than usual."i guess"

Liam pov:

"come on boys! get on the freaking plane!" i screamed at the boys who were messing around. "ffffiiinnneee" Louis said. "But what about my Carrots!!!!?????" " we'll get them just go. we have to meet the girls tomorrow and we cant be late" "ooo.. girls!" hazza said with joy in his voice. "im not even sure if they like us and we don't even know what they look like, so don't get your hopes up."


Heyyyy my little carrots and potato's! the contest is still open so if you want to enter here are the ways to enter!: tell me what your favorite facial part is, describe yourself in one word, your favorite song by one direction, the boy you want to be with- harry, liam, or louis. Leave you kik below too! thanks for reading!~shauri and maddie <3

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