When in Rome

Maddie and Shauri were best friends since as long as they can remember. Now they are both 18 and staight A students in high school. One day they both get accepted to nyms ( new york music school) for collage becuase they both play lots of instuments. but one day when they get called to play new york music hall, the conductor says that on direction will be in the audience today. Maddie ans Shauri screamed and flipped out, but not because they love them, because they hate them.... - shauri and maddie <3


4. dont break it

a/n: sorry i havent been updating guys i went to a selena gomez concert last night! awesome! and and skating is really busy so ill try to update more.. also got writers block.. bleh...... so thanks for being patent! ~ Shauri



Shauri's POV:

The concerts tonight and i am super excited... and  then i remember Niall and Zayn... poop.Oh well its not like i have a choice, i mean how hard could this be

2 hours later~

"ok girls the boys are waiting for you in the practice room, here are the papers to teach them. have fun!" Mr.Clements "crap" i muttered under my breath. "calm down shauri its for two weeks you can handle this" Maddie whispered into my ear. "Thank you!"  i said trying to hide the sarcasim in my voice.... i dont even know what these boys look like "it s-says here t-that their n-names are z-zayn and niall." i said with nervousness and i ususally only stutter when im to shy to change my mind. What if they think im ugly? Things like this rushed through my head, Now is not a good time to have an anxiety attack. "Are you ok Shauri?" mads asked. "yah, im fine, what if they dont like me?" my Hawaiian accent that i try my best to hide is coming through. "Shauri, your beautiful. and if they dont think that, they are two faced weirdos who let fame get to their heads with a magor ego problem... and.. and-" "who calm down sister, its fine" i said as we took our final four steps to the door. the sighn read 'practice room' in bright cursive letters. i already heard pianos playing inside, so this shouldnt be too hard. i slowly opened the door and i guess the one with the dark brown hair and a quiff is zayn.he automaticly stood up to shake my hand and said "hi im am Zayn Malik from One Direction" haha One DIErection... im so bad... not." i know" i said i guess maddie was aready with niall. and the time was already passed by 5 minutes. he was very cute, let me fix that, he was HOT! i guess for the passed five minutes we were staring at each other. I just hope he gets that i don't gets that i hate him, so i guess you could say that it was a hot guy that i hate thing.


Zayns POV:

She was... Hot i was hoping that she likes me back." Zayn? ZAYN?" niall waved his hand in between me and this girls face, maddie was the other girls name but whats this girls name? "Shauri! snap out of it!" maddie grabbed her shoulders and turned her around. Huh. thats her name, Shauri. A beautiful name for a beutiful girl."Mate, youve been standing there for like 5 minutes, whats going on.... do you like her?" he asked "yeah, i think i do." i lied, i really wanted to call her mine, i kinda under exaggerated.. "yeah me too i really like maddie. hey after this you wanna ask them on a date tonight?" "that would be great niall." " ok lets get back to the pianos.


Shauri's POV:

"what maddie?" i said a bit irritated, but i didnt know why. "well you two were staring at each other for five minutes not even close to the piano. "ok fine" "you like him dont you" "yes hes hot" "yeah i like niall too but if they end up asking us out dont say any thing, were only here for one hour" "ok i can wait, i wont die" "good luck" "yeah ill need it maddie"


Nialls pov:

she was very beautiful.i have 5 more minutes time, i loved when her hand touched mine on the piano and when she did she would always apoligise with her sharp blue eyes, and she blused too, i think she might like me. "hay maddie i was hoping to go on a double date with you me zayn and shauri to night, wanna go?" 'i..i" she ran out of the room.


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