When in Rome

Maddie and Shauri were best friends since as long as they can remember. Now they are both 18 and staight A students in high school. One day they both get accepted to nyms ( new york music school) for collage becuase they both play lots of instuments. but one day when they get called to play new york music hall, the conductor says that on direction will be in the audience today. Maddie ans Shauri screamed and flipped out, but not because they love them, because they hate them.... - shauri and maddie <3


1. Classical Struggles

 Shauri's POV: 

 Maddie and I sat and waited for Mr.Clements, the head of nyms. In my head I was thinking, what if we don't get in? or what happens if i'm not that good? I looked over at Maddi, looking like she was thinking the same thing as me. " Miss Wentzel and Miss Anderson, Mr.Clements is ready to see you now"  middle-aged looking lady said. We both walked up and opened the door. "Aha, Shauri and Maddie, please darlings have a seat" he said, he looked very happy, but i was still nervous and shaking. " You girls have excited my expectations and have done one thing that hasn't happened in a long time- surprise me" me and Maddie both gasped in surprise and pulled out a little squeal myself. " you both are excepted into New York Music school! we are giving you both a 8k scholarship to our school" "really?" i managed to pull out of my mouth, i was too surprised."and to top it off, next Friday you both will be the lead flutist at the new-" "New York Music hall" me and Madds both said at the same exact time. i was building up a scream inside " excuse me for a moment" i step outside the door and yell a dam bloody shreak, and with no facial expression at all, i step back inside his office, knowing that everyone in the waiting room was staring. " i will be the conductor and we will have 5 special guests." me and Maddie both give each other a look of surprise "one direction" Mr.Clements says and me and mads have a discusted look on our face. 

- hey guy me and my friend Maddie are creating this movella for you guys! we are have ing a compition for louis, harry and liams girl friends parts! to enter: like a this movella, comment what boy you like. disribe yourself in one word, and your favorite song from them and your favorite facial part. leave your kik below in the comments! thanks! ~ shauri and madds!


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