When in Rome

Maddie and Shauri were best friends since as long as they can remember. Now they are both 18 and staight A students in high school. One day they both get accepted to nyms ( new york music school) for collage becuase they both play lots of instuments. but one day when they get called to play new york music hall, the conductor says that on direction will be in the audience today. Maddie ans Shauri screamed and flipped out, but not because they love them, because they hate them.... - shauri and maddie <3


3. a/n

Hey guys it's Shauri! Sorry I haven't been updating! I will be updating monday, Wensday, friday, and Saturday and Sunday! I need at least two more enteries each for louis and Liam! The winner for Harry's girlfriend is... Danceismylife! Thank you for understanding!~ Shauri ❤️

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