Dark Side

Riley Anne Smith is in her junior year of high school. Her parents are divorced, her mom a emotional mess that becomes a workaholic to mask her feelings. A dad that's getting remarried. An alcoholic brother and a insecure sister. The only normal one seems to be her younger sister who's only 4. On the outside Riley seems normal but on the inside she's having a battle with herself. When she's alone it's not very pretty. Riley's bullied. She feels as if she doesn't fit in. She has friends but she can't trust them. She has trust issues, she feels everyone's against her, she wants to tell someone. But she tells no one. When a certain Yorkshire lad from a famous boy band stumbles into her life will she let someone in on her dark side? Or will she crumble to pieces holding in her secrets.


9. Chapter 9

Eleanor's POV

Am I mad at Louis? No. Do I miss him? More than you could understand. Do I still love him? Never stopped. Do I forgive him? I do, I hope he forgives me. Am I totally stable? No. I've been cutting. Why? I miss the lad and the Larry shippers have gotten even meaner. It hurts when they tell me our love is fake, I'm blocking true love. It really bloody kills me to read it. When Louis left I got to thinking maybe he broke up with me to you know get with Harry. I mean, he's always stuck with me and I guess I couldn't fill the needs he wanted so maybe - my phone's ringing. It's Louis! "Hello?" I say. "Hey babe! I'm so sorry! I was wrong! I-I need you so much! I never realized how much I needed you and I would really love it if you came down to Doncaster and stayed on holiday with me. Also be my amazing girlfriend?" He rambles. "Yes Louis! I'll see you in like a few hours!" I hang up and grab a pre packed bag and run out the house purchasing an e-ticket. I'm coming baby!

Louis' POV

My baby's coming back! This is great! I missed her so much! When did I discover this? Maybe when Riley didn't kiss me. I realized I wasn't ready for another girl cause the one I left was the best girl. A few hours later there was knock at the door. SHE'S HERE! "Who's at the door?" Fizzy asks from the couch. "Eleanor!" I scream as I wrap my arms around my best girl. "Hey Lou." She giggled in my ear. "C'mon you're rooming with me!" I grab her bag and run up the stairs. She laughs following me. We both sat on the bed. She smiled. "I missed you so much." She whispers. I grin. "I missed you too babe." I smile and lean in and kiss her.

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