Dark Side

Riley Anne Smith is in her junior year of high school. Her parents are divorced, her mom a emotional mess that becomes a workaholic to mask her feelings. A dad that's getting remarried. An alcoholic brother and a insecure sister. The only normal one seems to be her younger sister who's only 4. On the outside Riley seems normal but on the inside she's having a battle with herself. When she's alone it's not very pretty. Riley's bullied. She feels as if she doesn't fit in. She has friends but she can't trust them. She has trust issues, she feels everyone's against her, she wants to tell someone. But she tells no one. When a certain Yorkshire lad from a famous boy band stumbles into her life will she let someone in on her dark side? Or will she crumble to pieces holding in her secrets.


17. Chapter 17

Lottie's POV

I sat in the waiting room along with Leah. Louis had passed out and they had him in a room and Riley in another. Jake said he'd stay with Destiny and their mother had work. There were sniffles going around us. No one said a word. But I know we all shared the same thought. Why? We al read the letter but why would she think that. The doctor walked slowly towards us. We stood up. Oh please be good news. "Well, she's awake." We all smile and cheer. "But she has a bit of memory loss. A side effect from all the pills she took. Right now we're cleaning out her system through an IV. As far as her memory we're going to do some tests right now." "May we watch?" I speak up. He smiles and nods. He turns around walking to the room, we followed quietly behind him. I walked into the painfully white room. I sat on one of the seats, Leah sitting beside me.

"Hello. I'm just gonna ask you a few questions alright?" She nods. "What is your name?" "Riley Anne Smith." She answers correctly. He nods. "How many siblings do you have?" She stared at him blankly. "I'll repeat the question. How many siblings. Sisters or brothers do you have?" He spoke slower this time. She just blinked. "Do you recognize the girls beside me?" He gestured to us. She leaned to the side, taking a good look at us. She sat back in her seat. "No. Should I?" My heart shatters. She doesn't remember me. After what we've been through. How she stood up for me. How she helped me out even after I was rude to her. I've only known her for a few days, but I feel like I've known her my whole life. "Alright, do you know why you're here?" She shakes her head. "You attempted Suicide." He says seriously. She gasps. "I did that?" Her eyes widen. He nods. "So do you remember anything else like your age?" "I-I don't know my age." She frowns, tears forming in her eyes. She begins crying. "No, no don't cry. I know it's frustrating but you'll remember soon enough. You're seventeen by the way." He coos. "I'm gonna leave you with these two girls. They'll introduce themselves." He walked out leaving us behind.

"I'm Leah Smith. You're sister." "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. I-I didn't remember my own sister. I-I" She began crying again. "No, no. It's okay. You're trying." Leah smiles. Riley simply nods, sniffling. "I'm Lottie. We're like best friends. Closer than that. You helped me out a ton and I could never thank you for how much you've helped me, and this baby." I smile and place a hand on my currently flat stomach. She smiles. "Wow, I'm really nice aren't I?" I laugh and nod. "Um, well Riles. My brother is next door and he really cares for you and I'm gonna tell him you're alright." "Can you bring your brother here?" She begs. I nod walking into Louis' room. "Well? How is she?" Louis asks. "She wants to see you." I smile. He jumps out of the bed and runs out. I giggle. I freeze. Wait, Louis loves Riley. Riley has no memory of us. He'll be heartbroken! This is not good! "LOUIS WAIT!"        

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