Dark Side

Riley Anne Smith is in her junior year of high school. Her parents are divorced, her mom a emotional mess that becomes a workaholic to mask her feelings. A dad that's getting remarried. An alcoholic brother and a insecure sister. The only normal one seems to be her younger sister who's only 4. On the outside Riley seems normal but on the inside she's having a battle with herself. When she's alone it's not very pretty. Riley's bullied. She feels as if she doesn't fit in. She has friends but she can't trust them. She has trust issues, she feels everyone's against her, she wants to tell someone. But she tells no one. When a certain Yorkshire lad from a famous boy band stumbles into her life will she let someone in on her dark side? Or will she crumble to pieces holding in her secrets.


13. Chapter 13

Eleanor's POV

We all sat in the living room as Jay, Louis' mum tried to put her frustration and anger into words. "Louis! You just ran off with the girls! I expected more from you." She frowns. Louis looks down at the ground. I placed my hand on his knee. It wasn't there fault. "It's not their fault." I voice my thoughts. "Then who's is it Eleanor? Yours?" "No, it that dreaded orange haired freckled devil named Riley. She's a terrible influence on the girls and Louis." I said. "Take that back!" Lottie screamed standing up. "Yeah, just shut up and stay out of this Eleanor! This is family business. We'll call you when we start talking bitchy business." Fizzy cursed. I gasped. "Enough girls. Eleanor's right. From now on. You are not allowed to talk to that girl, or the rest of that family. You may not cross the street to go there. I don't want you looking or talking to them at school. I mean it. If I found out anyone of my children were talking or making contact with that family. There will be trouble." Jay finishes. "That's the stupidest id-" "It's not. Mum's right girls. It's for the best. You should be focusing on school not some people across the street." Louis agrees walking up the stairs. "This is so stupid." Fizzy mumbles walking away. "I can't believe this." Lottie walks off too, leaving Jay and I behind. "You made the right decsision." I smile. "It sure doesn't feel like it." She sighs walking into the kitchen

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