Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


20. Thanks boys

Caitlyn's POV 


We were surrounded by fans and paps within seconds. I knew this would happen because I'm dating a freaking popstar. We never told the fans that I was pregnant and that we were engaged. It would be a disaster waiting to happen. Cameras were flashing and girls were screaming. Niall was really angry and snapped. 

"Get the fuck away from me and my future wife." he yelled. 

Everyone stood in shock, even me. A few minutes later questions were thrown at us and some fans were crying and screaming hurtful things to me. Niall just groaned and took my hand, pulling me into a store. I started crying. Niall noticed and pulled me into his arms. We were in the store for about twenty minutes until i heard my sister and Harry. They were in the store. I went to look for them with Niall. We found them. 

"Hey Jess" 

"Hey Catie what are you guys doing here?" 

"We were supposed to be baby shopping but we got caught by fans and paps."

"Same here but i was baby shopping for my niece."

Harry and Niall looked at each other.


Harry's POV.


"Niall, how about i call Liam and we will get rid of the paps and fans."

"Um harry how would we do that?"

"Niall all we have to do is ask the fans to back off"

"Ok but what about paps?"

"Call the police."

"right. Okay sounds good."

I called Liam and told him what was going on. He said he would do it. I went to go and find my beautiful fiance and my soon to be sister in-law. I found them and walked up to Jess and held her hand. 

"Hey babe what's going on?" 

"Don't worry about it my love. Niall, Liam and i have everything under control."

"Okay haz. We will be in here until they all back off."


I went to the door and seen Liam and the police. We brought them in the store and told them what was happening. The police agreed to help us and Liam went with me to hold off the fans. I kissed Jessica before i left so she knew that I loved her because fans always try and kiss me.  We walked out of the store and told the fans to back off and shockingly they obeyed. Niall stayed with Jess and Cate. The police told the paps to leave us all alone and they obeyed.  We went back to the girls. They seen us and ran up to us. 

"I'm surprised you guys are alive." Jessica said to us.

"me too Jess".  

They both looked at each other and said: "Thank you boys."


*hey sorry I haven't updated in a little bit, I was going to last night but i couldn't so here you go! :)*

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