Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


32. Kyle's Funeral

Caitlyn's POV.

About a week after Kyle's death, Jess got a call for the funeral. She was asked to say a few words about Kyle. She called me and invited me and Niall to the funeral. We gladly accepted. The funeral is today. Even though Kyle and I weren't close, I will support my sister there. To think about it, I wonder how much sleep Harry got because Harry would call Niall and tell him how Jess wouldn't stop crying. We got to the funeral and walked over to my sister.

Jess's POV.

I found my sister and Niall walk in. I was devastated when I heard about the funeral. I'm shocked Harry isn't home now sleeping. Kyle was supposed to be at my wedding. It was time for the service to start. Harry and I took our seats in the front row. 

"I would now like to ask Jessica Payne to come up and say a few words about Kyle. Jessica?" the priest said.

I walked up with a tissue in hand. 

"Well there are so many things to say about Kyle. He was like a brother to me. He truly loved me as a sister. He was always there and never turned his back on me or anyone. He truly cared. When I first told him I was getting married he told me he would be there and if my brother Liam wasn't, he would give me away to Harry. Ky-Kyle w-was a g-g-great......"

I couldn't speak through my tears. It seemed so unreal that he had passed on. Harry quickly ran up to me and wrapped his arms around me and carried me out to the car. 

"I-I can't d-do it H-Harry."

"I know. I know babe. But remember, do you think Kyle would want you to be like this. Not now, not ever?"

"No but I m-miss h-him."

"It'll be okay baby I promise. Be strong for him."

"I will."

We walked back in and everyone was in tears. People started going up to the casket and saying their last goodbyes. I was last to do so. When I seen his face, I leaned in and kissed his lips. They were cold. I looked at his face. It was pale. I bursted into tears. I cried into his chest with Harry rubbing my back soothingly.

"You c-ca-can't be g-go-gone."

I calmed down for a bit. Harry picked me up and carried me to the car where all our friends were and family. Harry said we had to go home. Everyone left and drove home. Harry decided that him and I go for a drive. I didn't know where we were until we got to a field Kyle and I always went. Why would he bring me here? He parked the car and picked me up and brought me to Kyle's grave. 

"I thought you should see this." 

"Ha-Harry I-I.."

"I know. It's hard but we will get through it okay. I had this tombstone made in memory."

"Thank you s-so mu-much H-Harry."

"You're w-welcome."

He started to get choked up. He knew Kyle like I did. Sure not as long but he still knew him. We decided to go home after a while. Once we got home we went straight to bed. It was really late and we were tired. I will say, that night I dreamed of Kyle.


*Hi guys. I wrote this chapter based on a friend of mine he really isn't dead but is like a brother to me. Hope you all enjoy!*

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