Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


8. I'm so sorry

Niall's P.O.V. I got up to answer the door. I opened the door to face an angry looking Liam. "Niall. James. Horan. How dare you" Liam said through clenched teeth. Before I could answer, Caitlyn came to the door. "Liam what is the problem?" Caitlyn seemed a little scared of her brother but never showed it towards him. " The problem is that Niall the son of a bitch got my sister pregnant!" Liam yelled in Caitlyn's face. Knowing Caitlyn, she can't be put under pressure because when she is, she almost faints. "Liam calm down, you would figure that you would be happy for Caitlyn, seeing she is carrying your nephew or niece." "Niall, shut the fuck up before i beat your ass." Liam yelled. "Liam please stop" caitlyn said through her tears. Liam barely heard her. He looked at caitlyn and his face softened. "Caitlyn, I'm so sorry." Liam said quietly. Caitlyn was still crying, so i pulled her into my arms and held her tight. Liam wouldn't stop apologizing to her. Not once did he apologize to me. I laid caitlyn on the couch and she stopped crying. "Liam, please don't hurt Niall" caitlyn said to the point where Liam had a hard time hearing her. "I promise my little sister." Liam said with tears in his eyes. Caitlyn fell asleep a while later. Liam was just about to leave when he turned to me. "Niall, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean anything I said" "It's okay Liam. Don't worry about it. Your little sister is in good hands. Did you talk to Jessica?" "No i didn't talk to Jess, why?" "You might want to. Caitlyn said somethings to her and Harry was really pissed at Caitlyn." "Oh okay i will talk to Jess about it." "Alright. See ya soon" "See ya later Ni". After Liam left, i picked up caitlyn and took her to bed. *Hey guys hope you enjoy this one!!! :)*

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