Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


31. I Just Want What Is Safe For The Baby

"Please? For the baby?"

"Niall, I can't. I'm scared okay. I'm scared that this will happen with the baby around."

"I'll stop drinking, I'll do whatever it takes to have a safe environment for our child and for you. You don't have to be scared okay. One day we will stand up at church and be pronounced as man and wife with a little child in our hands. There's nothing to be afraid of okay. I love you and this little bundle of joy. I couldn't ask for more, but I need you to trust me and take me back so we can have the life we planed okay. I can't do it by myself. I need you to trust me that everything will work out okay."

I was in tears by the end. He noticed my tears and pulled me in for a hug. He was so warm. I've missed this.

"I'm sorry princess." he whimpered.

"I'm sorry too. I love you Ni-Niall."

He pulled away and looked at me. 

"So are we good?"

"Yes Niall."

I noticed my sister had left. She probably knew we would make up. 

"Can you give me a ride to Jess and Harry's place please."

" 'Course babe."

We walked out of the mall hand in hand and drove to Jess's place.

Once we got there, Harry opened the door with a clenched fist but immediately released when he saw me. 

"Hey guys. Back together?"

"Yeah Harry. Jess didn't tell you."

"Nope not a word." "Thanks babe." he yelled to Jess.

"You're welcome haz." she yelled back.

"Well can I gather my things please." 

"Of course."

I ran upstairs and got all my belongings. Niall and Harry carried them down and put them in Niall's car. 

"Thanks guys."

"No problem but hey I think you should say goodbye to your sister Cate."


I walked over to Jess and seen her crying.

"Hey what's wrong Jess?"

"Oh it's nothing."

"It's something come on tell me."

"Okay.... Well you know Kyle right."

"Yeah what happened."

"He-He was k-killed in a c-c-car c-crash."

"Oh no. HARRY!!!"

"What? What's wrong?"

"Jess's brother-like friend Kyle died to day in a car crash."

"Oh my."

He walked over to Jess and held her tight.

"I'm so sorry sweetheart. I know how much you've loved him." 

"I-I can't b-believe he's g-g-gone."

"It will be okay babe. I love you and so does Kyle okay."

"I love you too."

Harry then took Jess upstairs to bed. After he came down, we decided to leave.

"Bye Harry. Tell Jess I said bye."

"I will. Bye guys."

With that Niall and I left to go home where we both belong.


*Hi guys wow 2 updates in one day. Love you all!! :)*

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