Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


10. Everything is fine

Jessica's P.O.V.   "Harold Edward Styles! Why did you let her in here!" "Believe me babe, I didn't want to but Niall wanted to let her in here.". I couldn't believe Harry did that for Niall. Trust me i don't have anything against Niall, its just my sister. After what Caitlyn said to me, I don't want anything to do with her. Not just two hours ago, I had to explain to my brother Liam what happened. Harry looked at me with a sympathetic face. I mouthed to him 'help me'. Instead he walked upstairs to get something. while he was upstairs Niall came by me and pulled me into a hug. Harry came downstairs and handed me my phone. He whispered in my ear to call Liam. I told him no because i didn't want him to be in the middle of this. Caitlyn just stared at me. We all sat down and just stayed silent. A few minutes later Caitlyn spoke. 

Caitlyn's P.O.V.   I waited a few minutes the started the conversation. "Jessica can i talk to you somewhere private?" "No because if you want to talk to me you can say it in front of Harry and Niall.". She was the sassy one of all three kids. "Fine. I'm sorry for bringing back Connor." "You know what happened to me. He almost killed me if it wasn't for Harry. You were watching him." she said in tears. Harry then pulled her into his lap and let her cry into his chest. "Jessie, i was gonna stop him but i couldn't. I would take a bullet for you." "No you wouldn't, Daddy did.". I thought about that day. We were going to see Liam in concert. One of the girls there recognized Jessica and shot at Jess. My dad seen the girl with the gun and heard the shot. He jumped in front of her. "Jessie please forgive me. I know i told you about your future nephew or niece.". She was thinking for a minute. "You.....Did tell me. I'm sorry i completely forgot." "Its okay i would be worried if you didn't forget.". Jess was still crying so i pulled her off of harry and hugged her. I started to cry with her. Harry and Niall noticed and pulled us both apart and held both me and Jessica. A few minutes later, Harry and Niall said "Is everything fine now?". me and jessie laughed  and said yes. 


*hey guys hope you enjoy this one :)*

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