Little Horan

Niall and Caitlyn are going to have a child but what will happen with lots of bumps in the road ?


15. Are you kidding me!

Caitlyn's POV

After we found out what the baby is gonna be, we decided to go home. While we were in the car i decided to text Liam and Jessica. Jessica responded but liam didn't. I shrugged it off and turned to Niall. I picked up his hand and held it. Niall looked at me and smiled. we finally got home from the doctors and  liam called. I told Niall to call him back. Niall picked up the phone and dialed liam's number. Liam answered his phone. Him and Niall talked for a few minutes. After Niall hung up the phone, he came over to me. He sat me down in the living room and put in a movie. About an hour into the movie we heard a knock on the door. Niall went to open the door and seen liam. Liam asked if he could come in. Niall let him and walked Liam to the living room. I looked up at liam and stood up to give him a hug. Liam pushed me back. He then came in front of me and slapped my face. "That's for what you did to our little sister!" he yelled. I was crying so much because i never thought my own brother would hit me. Niall then came over to me and held me. A few minutes later Jessica came in with harry. Jess seen me crying and ran over to me. "oh my god what happened." Niall turned to Jess and said "Liam was told what caitlyn did to you." "Are you kidding me Liam! You fucking hurt our sister for what she did to me! Me and Her are fine, we worked it out! You wouldn't do that to a girl who is 2 freaking months pregnant!". Liam then looked at me. His eyes were filled with guilt. He picked me up off of the floor and held me. I seen a tear stream down his face. I quickly wiped it away and said "I love you liam." "I love you too Cate".  I stopped crying and went to my sister. She hugged me. I was thinking,'why would liam just do that if he didn't know what happened.' then i thought of what happened the day we told Liam i was pregnant. I was asleep when he left. I bet Niall told him to talk to my sister about what happened between me and her. Niall then tried to hug me but i instead gave him a glare. After a while everyone left. I was pissed at Niall because he caused all this to happen.


*hey guys hope you enjoy this one!:)*

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